Willis’ Sermons

Over the last several years, as I’ve gathered and compiled my grandfather’s letters, pictures and other mementos, I’ve gotten to know him at a different level than I’d ever thought possible.  I’ve had the distinct blessing to see his insights, struggles and deep homesickness for my Grandma Sarah.  It has been amazing.

Willis A. Reed

Without a doubt though, the biggest takeaway from all of what he left behind was a deep, abiding love for his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Grandpa loved Jesus with all his heart and it was through this lens of love that he impacted others.  I was young when Grandpa was the pastor of my church and he stepped down from his head pastor role when I was eleven.  In the times that I had the opportunity to hear him preach after 1985, I didn’t understand how much I would yearn for it later in life.

It was awesome to discover the sermons that my father had stowed away in a basement closet.  They were given to him by a dear family friend – Carol Abbot (formerly Carol Beltz).  I couldn’t wait to listen to his voice and hear his what he had to say. For those of you who had the chance to hear him preach – this will certainly bring back memories.  For those who never did – it is just another piece of who he was.  We will continue to post sermons. Hopefully, about once a month.  Listen and enjoy.

December 24, 1978 – “How Good Are Your Promises?”