August 26, 1943

August 26, 1943

Dearest Sweetheart,

You’ll never know the joy that was mine this evening after coming in from drill to find that your letter was awaiting me.  The thing I look forward to the most is your letters. Dear, your letters and lovely words of cheer are the only thing that can fill the hunger that is in my heart which belongs entirely to you because you believe and live John 1:12. I’ve given my heart to Christ and since you are joint-heirs with him my heart is all yours.

I wish I could take time to write you a long letter , but because of studies it is impossible. One sees here at Chaplains School a cross section of the United States Clergy that you could never find in any other kind of meeting in this country, no matter what the reason may be for having such a meeting. One marvels at what God does accomplish with so little cooperation and obedience.  Approximately 70% of the men smoke cigars, cigarettes or pipes. The Lord himself knows how many drink. In other Chaplains schools the problem of drink has been such a problem that the Commanding Officer of our Chaplains school had to make an announcement that intoxication would have to be disciplined. Think of that will you, men supposedly representing God. And the very night after our Commandant made that announcement in our morning class, my priest roommate came in late at night with breath that made you think you had gone to sleep in a tavern.

Paul and Genevieve Vogel and their children. Friends of Sarah and Willis from Moline, Illinois. 1943

The priest and rabbi are “chain smokers” and really make it miserable for my roommate and I while we try to do our studying. So much for that, I can tell you better when I see you.  All I would say is this, seeing what I’ve seen here at Harvard only makes me more convinced that Paul should, if God so wills, prepare himself for the Ministry. We need the weight of a man of Paul’s caliber in the ministry. His kind are far too few.

Dear, I hardly know how to advise you concerning the Conference at Lake Geneva, all I would say is this, be very careful for I don’t want anything to happen to you. So you make your own decision.

If you think the smiling one is best I’ll be satisfied. Send it as soon as possible for I’m getting very lonesome to have a good picture of you to look at.

Well Darling, I must close for now, but remember each day finds me more and more in love with you.

Forever yours in Christ love,


Psalm 3

P.S. Your grammar lesson was really very sweet.