August 22, 1943

Stationary:  First Baptist Church Moline, Illinois

August 22, 1943

Dearest Sweetheart:-

This is the longest week I ever experienced. So much has happened that it seems like months since I’ve seen you. Sweetheart, you grow more precious to me every passing hour.

Park Street Baptist Church – Boston 1943

This morning several of us went to the Park Street Church.  And we really heard a fine sermon, “The Power of His Resurrection.”

I mailed an air mail letter to you in Chicago so you won’t be able to get it until you go into Chicago.

There are four beds in each room, and today our fourth bed was filled with a man from California, he is a Christian Minister. Seems like a very fine fellow.

Tomorrow morning we begin our long days, up early for drill and study late at night. Tonight a group of us are going to go to Tremont Temple for Church. I seem to be lost not having to preach on Sundays, our days were always so full at East Moline. It’s awfully hard to write, people just keep coming in and asking questions, so if my letter seems to be a hodgepodge you’ll know why.

Well Darling, I have a few post cards I want to send to some of our friends, but remember Dear, I love you more all the time.

With Loads of Love Forever,


Philippians 3rd Chapter

Col 3:3