September 12, 1943

Willis didn’t write a post on September 12, 1943, so once again, we will post an old family photograph.  I know that some Reed descendants have been on this site, so if you are able to shed any light on this picture – please share!  This photograph would have been taken at the 1927 family reunion in Hampton, Nebraska.  James Willis Reed was Willis’ grandfather and he had eight sons and six daughters.  Based on a picture of James and his sons, we have been able to identify the following people:

  1. James Willis (Willis’ Grandfather)
  2. James
  3. Earl (Willis’ Father)
  4. Simon
  5. Robert
  6. Ted
  7. Ralph
  8. Carl
  9. John
  10. Willis
  11. Donald (Willis’ brother)

If you know who any other people are in the picture, just post in the comments below.

Earl and Don Reed

We have no letter from Willis on August 29, 1943.  Instead, we will share a picture from his youth.  This one was most likely taken in Nebraska on the family farm after Earl (his father) moved with the boys back to his native state. The move came after problems between Earl and Mildred (Willis’ mother).

Correction: This post had previously identified the boy in the picture as Willis.  It is actually his younger brother Donald.

Willis Reed’s father (Earl) and brother (Don) – Earl Reed. Circa 1929.