August 24, 1943

August 24, 1943


August 24, 1943

Dearest Sweetheart:


Willis as a young man. Date Unknown.

Your sweet letters arrived today and you’ll never know how glad I was to hear from you. They were so filled with news, please pardon me if I don’t get to write very newsy letters to you. Today has been a busy one with classes all morning, drill this afternoon and then I had to go to the quartermasters which took most of all my time. I also went down to Boston to pick up the typewriter which works like a new one.

We have to have the lights out in just one hour and I got several problems to work  for my course in map reading. This is going to be plenty tough because of the math involved. Well, I’m going to make this very short and will try and write you more tomorrow. Remember sweetheart, I love you more all the time.

Forever yours in His matchless Love and



Handwritten at the bottom:

Darling, pardon my typing this but I have to hurry. I love you truly Dear. My prayer is this, “that you’ll be able to love me more all the time because I’m growing more in His grace.”

Col 3:3

August 19, 1943

Stationary: Baptist Servicemen’s Center – Tremont Temple Boston, Mass.

August 19, 1943

We got up at 6 o’clock this morning, that is 8 of us, and went down to the harbor and being officers we were allowed to travel on a government boat, and saw some of our newest aircraft carriers and one of our largest superdreadnaugt battleships, lots of destroyers, cruisers, liberty ships, submarine nets etc. We’ve been in all the historic spots here in Boston and I am now in the service men’s center at Tremont Temple – C. Gordon Brownville’s church.

View of the Boston Harbor – 1943

I can’t get over how I’ve been treated here. We’ve been in places no one else is allowed.

Boston is surely some place, I have yet to find a street that is straight. There are only five of us left we’ve walked miles and miles.

I’ve seen so many things that it would take pages and pages to tell you all of it. This I learned after seeing the historic places, “how wonderful to se these things, and how insignificant we are and what little meaning there is to this life unless there is a hereafter.” I met a wonderful Chaplain on the government patrol boat, I’ll tell you about it when I see you Darling.

Dear I love you more than you’ll ever know, each passing hour finds me loving you more. May God Bless you Dear. The fellows want to got on now.

With all of My Love,


P.S. Col 3:3

Phil 3:9, 10

More later sweetheart