October 17, 1943

October 17, 1943

Dearest  Darling Sweetheart:-

Your very precious letter was awaiting me when I arrived back from the services I held for today. And Lover, it was so sweet and how I thank the Lord for such a wonderful wife.

Written by Willis – “Left to Right: Mr. Holly, Mrs. Holly, Harry Janisch, Miss Laura Pettigrove.

As soon as I had something to eat, my assistant and I left for B.Y. and evening service at the First Baptist Church. It does so refresh ones soul after having poured out your heart all day long in services. By the time you preach five times and have that many services, you are generally pretty tired, mentally and otherwise. They have asked me to speak to the young people’s group next Sunday night and I will unless something comes up here at Headquarters to hinder my doing it. After evening service, Mr. & Mrs. Hollenstiener asked us to go home and have lunch with them and my what a lovely time we had. He is a banker and a trustee of the Church. My, I wish you could see their home, it is very large and beautiful. They have one daughter, and he was in the World War and they were separated for over 2 years. They are so much in love and he said, “You know we get a greater joy out of being together all the time.” They are surely lovely people and would so love to know you. And would I ever be proud to have them know you are my wonderful wife.

The hour is very very late but I do want to get a few lines off to you today. I preached today on “Is that the Real Thing?” using as my text Matthew 10:32-34 and II Cor 5:17. My theme being Christianity is not a propaganda but a power. But it only becomes a power when active in the hearts and lives of men who have surrendered themselves unreservedly to Jesus Christ. I really had freedom today and poured my heart out to the men. There were only 54 in attendance at all five services, only 4 at one, but I poured my heart out anyhow and I’m praying that it will make a difference to some. I was getting weary by the time the last service came out but I gave all I had. It’s tiring to travel from place to place as fast as you can and hold your services.

Well, 2 months ago today I left for Harvard. My, it surely seems a lot longer than that. It must be because so much has happened. I’ve surely learned a lot in these 2 months and I pray that I’ve grown spiritually too. Darling, as I’ve told you before, get what you need. I would like you to have a new dress especially from me and get just what you want.  Don’t let the price interfere with getting something good. I want you to be able to look nice.

Lover, it is so late and morning will be here so soon, I’m going to send all my love in Christ Jesus. I am forever your husband,

With Love,


II Cor 5:17

Col 3:3

Phil 1:3