September 28, 1943


Nearing Omaha

 Dearest Sweetheart:-

We were 45 minutes late out of Chicago – a man was hurt getting through the gate and it necessitated holding the train. We are about  2 hours late now, but the train is really rolling as I’m sure you can tell by my poor writing. Darling, the only difference time & distance make, is that I love you more than ever.

Your’s ever in Christ’s All glorious Love,


Col 3:3

2nd postcard of the day


Out of Omaha


I saw Verla in the station at Omaha. Don is going to try and see me at Columbus or Grand Island because he’s out on his run. Here’s hoping I get to see him. Verla was surely sweet and ask all about you. Well Darling, how happy I am to have you for my wife.

With All of My Love,


Psalm 91

3rd postcard of the day


Nearing North Platte, Nebraska

Phil 1:3

And chaps 3 and four


Don Reed (Willis’ brother) is in the center. Taken during his first year as brakeman.

Don got on the train with me from Grand Island to Kearney. We had a good visit, all though very short. He looks good and likes railroading. I’m very hungry at present, haven’t had anything to eat as yet. I would enjoy some of your cooking or mom’s right now. Crops look pretty good here in Nebraska. The cloud formations are surely pretty today. More later Dear. Walt(?), the conductor and I have been having a real visit.

All of my Love,


4th  postcard of the day


Nearing Cheyenne

Provberbs 3:5,6


I’ve just had a good dinner on the diner with the train crew. Walt (?) will soon be leaving me. It made me think of old times as I passed through familiar towns in Western Nebraska. It has surely been a pretty good day, so many beautiful cloud formations. I don’t see how anyone could ever doubt the Omnipresence, Omnipotence of God. The more I love you, the more I love and want to do for our Heavenly Father.

With all my Love,


September 12, 1943

Willis didn’t write a post on September 12, 1943, so once again, we will post an old family photograph.  I know that some Reed descendants have been on this site, so if you are able to shed any light on this picture – please share!  This photograph would have been taken at the 1927 family reunion in Hampton, Nebraska.  James Willis Reed was Willis’ grandfather and he had eight sons and six daughters.  Based on a picture of James and his sons, we have been able to identify the following people:

  1. James Willis (Willis’ Grandfather)
  2. James
  3. Earl (Willis’ Father)
  4. Simon
  5. Robert
  6. Ted
  7. Ralph
  8. Carl
  9. John
  10. Willis
  11. Donald (Willis’ brother)

If you know who any other people are in the picture, just post in the comments below.

Earl and Don Reed

We have no letter from Willis on August 29, 1943.  Instead, we will share a picture from his youth.  This one was most likely taken in Nebraska on the family farm after Earl (his father) moved with the boys back to his native state. The move came after problems between Earl and Mildred (Willis’ mother).

Correction: This post had previously identified the boy in the picture as Willis.  It is actually his younger brother Donald.

Willis Reed’s father (Earl) and brother (Don) – Earl Reed. Circa 1929.