August 24, 1943

August 24, 1943


August 24, 1943

Dearest Sweetheart:


Willis as a young man. Date Unknown.

Your sweet letters arrived today and you’ll never know how glad I was to hear from you. They were so filled with news, please pardon me if I don’t get to write very newsy letters to you. Today has been a busy one with classes all morning, drill this afternoon and then I had to go to the quartermasters which took most of all my time. I also went down to Boston to pick up the typewriter which works like a new one.

We have to have the lights out in just one hour and I got several problems to work  for my course in map reading. This is going to be plenty tough because of the math involved. Well, I’m going to make this very short and will try and write you more tomorrow. Remember sweetheart, I love you more all the time.

Forever yours in His matchless Love and



Handwritten at the bottom:

Darling, pardon my typing this but I have to hurry. I love you truly Dear. My prayer is this, “that you’ll be able to love me more all the time because I’m growing more in His grace.”

Col 3:3

August 21, 1943

August 21, 1943

Dearest Sweetheart,

The most wonderful thing happened today since I left you – and that was this, “I received a letter from you.” Words can never describe how wonderful it was to hear from you. I’ve been very busy trying to get all ready for the opening of classes for the chaplains on Monday. But today has been an entirely different day because it’s seems I’ve had a long talk with you. You letter was so very sweet and describes just how I feel about you dear. Your Love means more to me than anything else except the love of Christ and after all they’re really one because your love emanates from Him.

Christian Science Church – Boston

I’m very tired tonight having put in a hard day trying to find regulation unionalls for our drilling. After running all over Boston I finally found a pair in a little men’s apparel store.

While out trying to find these unionalls several of us happened to run into the Mother Christian Science Church here in Boston. You cannot imagine how large it is until you see it. I told the fellow I was with that it reminded me of the temple of Diana in Ephesus. All over the huge building they have different quotations from Christ and right beside carved in solid rock the words of Mary Baker Eddy. Christian Science seems to be flourishing now, but so did the temple in Ephesus. How precious those words of our Master, “Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but my word shall never pass away.”

In my few contacts all ready here at Harvard I’ve learned this, “if you don’t have the gospel you don’t have a big enough message.” A lot of the fellows make light of preaching the Word of God but when you see them living you know why they don’t like the word of God.

Right in the center of the yard of Harvard is a huge statue of John Harvard sitting in a big arm chair with an open Bible on his knee. And I couldn’t help but feel yes here’s Harvard with thousands on her campus, there are thousands of open books of men’s knowledge but hardly any open books of God’s wisdom. Makes me think of the Apostle Paul’s words in I Cor. 1:17-31.

Tomorrow morning, (Sunday) I’m looking forward to going to Ocbengo’s Church and tomorrow night Tremont Temple.

Darling, in closing this letter for now, remember I love you more than when I started writing this letter. You’re God’s most precious gift because first you gave yourself to Christ.

So long for now Darling,

With all of my Love because

You’re Christs’,


Deut 29:29

Col 3:3 – Proverbs 3:6

P.S. Darling, I won’t have much time to write to anyone but you, so I’ll tell you all I can and you pass the word along. By the way be sure and thank Kitty and Olga for that beautiful Bible. I love it because it’s a whole Bible and fits into my shirt pocket. I wish you could see it, it really is beautiful. Another thing I just heard, our school is going to be five weeks instead of four. I have to take two other subjects that the other schools didn’t have to take. So far I appear to be the baby of the Chaplains school. So long for now.