September 9, 1944

September 9, 1944

Sarah, My Beloved Darling Wife:

Another day has slipped by and it is time to talk to you again for a while. Darling, as you know this is the most important part of the day as far as I’m concerned, except those days when we have mail and I can read your lovely letters. I read your letters this morning again and then this afternoon. I love to read your letters because you can tell me most everything you do. All things are important to me. I wish I was able to tell you all the things. But they will keep and we will have a whole lot of things to talk about when we are together again.

I read your letters and noted all the questions you asked that I am able to answer and will try to answer them now. I was really happy to hear that Mrs. Wilson is better, that means a lot. As you said, she must have been working too hard at North Shore. I suppose tomorrow will be Dr. Wilson’s first Sunday back after their month vacation. I surely hope the church will go forward this year. And that there will be many new souls won into the Kingdom.

It was surely a surprise to me to hear that Gen finally had taken a plane ride with Kenyon. As you said, she liked it very much. I like flying also. I suppose Mabel was really upset about that. Does Kenyon still spend a lot of time flying his plane?

Dear, you were wondering if I bought the necklaces and bracelets from the natives. They have given me every one I have received thus far and would have given me more if I hadn’t turned them down. They are truly good to me. They generally sell them for 3 to 5 and even six and seven with the tiger shells. They generally take the money they earn from these things and save it for missionary work back in their own island homes. Being unable to tell you some things makes it very difficult to explain to you more things I know would be of much interest to you. However, the things I have in my mind will be just as good in the future and will be real illustrations for the future when we have our own church. I think that was very good of you to think of sending something to Mofete and his wife from us, but at present I think it unwise. His wife and daughter are not here as I’ve told you before and there are definite restrictions. Perhaps someday in the future we will be able to do something.

Sweetheart, it is perfectly all right with me to increase our pledge to Northern to $10 per month. When you do it, go to Dr. Mantey and he will receive credit for it. Also, explain to him that now I’ve been promoted and we know of no place we would rather invest our money. Tell him that we will probably have to cut it down when we go back to our own pastorate but as long as we are earning this way we want to do all we can for the school. When you see him, be sure to give him my best wishes and if I can get a little time I will drop him a few lines.

I think that was very sweet of you to buy the knives for Gen, I’m sure she will like them very much. As you said, they are the dearest and nearest friends we have. I truly love them and will be so very glad to see them again.

I received a letter from my father last night and I think I have been able to to interest him in taking a vacation. He says he would like to and if he does the best time for him to take it would be around Christmas time. If that is all right with your folks, he could go out to Valpo and meet the folks with you. As you said Dear, I think that it would be nice for you to write a letter to him and also suggest the idea. We can talk about how much we will send him later. The main thing now is to see if he will really go and take the trip. I would like to have him meet your folks. It is my desire to try and make his life a little more enjoyable. I think it would help him a whole lot to meet new friends and do a little traveling again. There are a lot of things I would like to talk to you about but cannot explain fully in the letter. Darling, it surely means a lot to have such a wonderful wife as you are, I’m glad you are willing and ready with me to help cheer my father. Dear, he is really proud of you and is very happy to have you for his daughter-in-law.

Please remember Dear, your cooking was always good and I’m not just saying that either. I would give most anything to have your cooking. If you think your cooking is bad you ought to have some of that which I’ve had since I left you last winter. Remember, food doesn’t have to be fancy to be good.

I enjoyed reading the articles you sent me very much, and it surely gives a graphic picture of the moral decay in our political machines. I would surely like to know how Mayor Kelly got my address. Remember, I am not registered in Chicago, but I am registered in East Moline. He had my latest correct address. It is my understanding that no one but the War Department and your friends are to have access to your address. Perhaps you can figure it out. It is true they feed us that indispensable stuff, and many are falling for it hook, line, and sinker. An Army man will tell you that is a fallacy in warfare, because the loss of a man means that others should be trained well enough to step into the fallen mans place. And I maintain the same thing is true of a national leader. Jimmy Kurz may go for that kind of stuff, but Dear, I’ve seen and heard enough to make me more convinced than ever of our moral decay that is raising its head in our power politics. I feel as I always did, but new experiences have given me more reasons for what we both feel.

Mayor Kelly on Election night 1944.

I was sorry to hear that Joe Large had been sick, but I am glad to know that he is feeling better and has returned to his old outfit. He is a fine fellow, we surely need more men like him. I get so tired of hearing men cursing and profaning God’s name. It seems sometimes they try to see who can outdo the other by telling the vilest story. It is the same old story, the weak shall become weaker and the strong stronger. However, I have run into a quite a few men who have become the victims of the weaker because of the greater majority.

I’m glad to know that Herb is getting along so well at school and it is good to know that their work at the church is progressing so very well. I surely wish we were together and had two of our own children so far. I know they must be happy with their family. If God so wills, that day will come for us also. Won’t that be a grand day, Dear?

In your letter of 29th of August you had enclosed two pictures, they were of you sitting on the veranda of the hotel and the other was Dick Wayland and the last president of the League of Nations. I especially like the one of you. I have seen you smile so many times that way. As I’ve told you before, I take out your pictures and look at them many times. Keep the pictures coming out this way, Darling. 

My assistant is a fine fellow and is really eager to grow in the Christian life. If all goes well, I am going to baptize him on Sunday, October 1st. His wife is going to be baptized the same day at their home Baptist Church in Modesto, California. She is a new Christian also, but is very happy in her new found life spiritually. Let us pray for them, Dear.

Sweetheart, you asked me to tell you what I wanted for Christmas. That is one of the hardest questions you could possibly ask me. For there is not a thing I need. As you know, I’m not able to carry much around with me. You mentioned sending cookies in cans. That isn’t so good down here because of our climate and the poor ship service we have here now. Please don’t buy me things because I can buy them through the Post Exchange at a greater savings. There is no use of you buying things and paying more for them, then wrapping them, paying postage away out here. There’s only one thing I would like to have from you and you may think it sounds foolish, but I would like to have another picture of you taken at a good photographers. I think a nice colored one like we had at a Mandel’s would be nice. And from the folks I would like a picture of Mom and the Chief together. Nothing could make me happier than those two things from you three, except of course being with you and that is too much to hope for this Christmas. Mom and the Chief ought to have a good one taken down at Mandel’s also. All the things I need are available out here so don’t feel that you have to send things. If ever there is anything I need I will surely let you know.

I just had the joy of hearing “Because”, I could hardly keep the tears back for it reminded me of our wedding. Praise the Lord for His goodness to us, Dear. Well, it is late and I do want to have a good nights rest so I will close for tonight. May God richly bless you in all things and may you be a blessing to all who know you.

I am always and forever yours “because”

Of the love of our Jesus Christ,


Colossians 3:3

P.S. Enclosed you will find two more pictures and negatives. 

I’m looking over the bill that came about the song books, I see that they have made a charge of $.68 against me. If you go down there in the future please pay it. I’m sending the bill in this letter. If you see Victor Schneider be sure to greet him for me.

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  • John T Reed
    September 9, 2018, 3:29 am

    “I surely wish we were together and had two of our own children so far. I know they must be happy with their family. If God so wills, that day will come for us also. Won’t that be a grand day, Dear?” Nice to know that Willis & Sarah had that wish come true two times over!

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