September 8, 1945

At Anchor off Korea

8 September 1945

Dearest Sweetheart:

It is late and I am very weary after a long tiresome day and there will be very little sleep tonight. Tomorrow will be exceedingly long and wearing. As we moved along the coast this morning we saw many many small Islands. They were really beautiful. This afternoon was filled with much activity.

We had our service again this evening and there was a very large group in attendance. I used as my scripture Galatians 5: 13-26. I have used that scripture before and perhaps you remember the message, “ Freedom. What does it mean to you?”  After the service a man came forward upon the invitation. Please pray for him and me. I talked to him for over 1 hour and a half. I’m thankful for God’s blessing. Dear, I would like to write you a better letter but I’m so weary I can hardly hold my eyes open. I’m so lonesome to have some more of your letters. God bless you, Dear.

 Yours alone and so glad to be in

 Christ’s glorious love,


 Colossians 3: 3 

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