September 6, 1945

East China Sea

Not so far from Shanghai, China

4 September 1945

My Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

This is the calmest sea I’ve ever sailed upon. However, from what I’ve heard she can really be mighty rough and dangerous, especially when a typhoon is on a rampage. Our convoy was most impressive in their movement. I never dreamed that one day I might be sailing upon such a ship so far from home and those I love.

  This morning I had my devotions and then visited with as many of the men as possible. I enjoy getting around to visit with them. I also spent some time helping one of the men who received a very discouraging letter just before we boarded ship.

Willis Baptizing men on Okinawa.

  After having my dinner I rested for almost two hours. I was so very tired after such a hot night last night. Of course, we still travel under blackout conditions and that means closing the port hole and very hot room. There was a good breeze so I rested fairly well. After that I worked on my message for this evenings service. My scripture was Daniel 6: 10-16. And the title of my message, “ You Can Take It with You.”  Using the idea that most things we are unable to take with us beyond the grave. It worked out all right and several indicated it as helpful for them. I believe there were more present this evening than last evening. One of the Navy men aboard the ship is a fine Christian and talked to me for some time. During the course of our conversation I found out that he has attended First Church Long Beach and knows Dr. Edson. He attended B.Y.F. three or four times and has been in Holly’s home for Sunday evening get togethers on two different occasions. He could hardly believe it when he found out I knew them and heard from them regularly. 

  Well, I suppose today was your first day of classes at Northern. I suppose the main thing was assignments and materials and books you will need.

  Dear, I shall try to get a good night’s sleep so I’ll close for now. God bless you my Beloved in all things.

 Yours now and ever in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3: 3

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