September 5, 1945

East China Sea

5 September 1945

Sarah, My Dearest:

  As you will note we are at sea having weighed anchor just before noon. We pulled out of Buckner Bay in the mighty blue Pacific past the Kerama Retto’s and now moving along in the calm East China Sea. Our convoy is really moving along very nicely. I only wish you could see it. After having dinner I spent a good while out on the deck watching Okinawa drop below the horizon. That is probably the last time I’ll ever see that Island unless I come by there on my way to you my Dear; and as for me, I hope that isn’t too far away. While out on deck I visited with a lot of the men and also had a good talk with Don.

Picture of sunset in Hilo Bay. Sent from Willis to Sarah.

  I spent a good share of the morning preparing my message for this evening. I used as my text I Timothy 6:7-12. The theme of my message was one word, “Building.”  When we think of building we think of planning;  and planning means seeking the wisdom of one who knows thoroughly the field in which we are desirous of building. Therefore, we who know man’s whole duty of glorifying God ought to go to Him who knows us all together. It worked out fairly well and I really got a blessing others preparing the message. As long as we are under way I’m going to have a service every evening at 6. It was hard to tell exactly how many were present, but as near as we could tell it must have been 150 or more. I had it on the front of the ship and it made a beautiful sitting as we watched the sun going down to a fiery sky of many colored clouds. Dear, there is a soldier wants to see me about something so I think I will call this all for today. God bless you Dearest in all things. Be sure to give the folks my love.

 With my deepest Love now and forever,


 Colossians 3:3 

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