September 3, 1945

Okinawa Shima – Ryukyu Islands

Anchored off shore

3 September 1945

My Beloved Darling:

We are one day closer to the day when we can be together again. I haven’t done much of interest today but I have thought of you many times and how much I love you. Letters cannot fully express to you what I feel deep within my heart. Only to be together and pray and talk as we did in days gone by can suffice when it comes to love for you, Darling.

Picture Willis sent to Sarah of some of the wreckage from the battle of Okinawa.

  It was certainly nice to sleep on sheets last night, but I woke up at least 10 or 12 times, as result I’m pretty weary tonight. I was also rather warm in my ward room.

  After having my breakfast I had my devotions and then visited all the men in the various troop compartments aboard the ship. I like to get around and talk with the men. Don and I also visited for about three-quarters of an hour.

  Just before noon we heard over the radio that President Truman had officially announced VJ Day as of Sunday, September 2nd. I suppose you received that word while at Lake Geneva and I’m sure all there must have felt thankful and grateful.

  After eating dinner I saw a book in the ship’s library entitled, “ Henry the 8th”,  by Francis Hackett. I thought I would glance through it and thus check up on some of, “ old Henry,”  as Dr. Stiansen would say. I found it very interesting and well-written, the author doesn’t pull his punches concerning the corrupt ruling families and how they operated in connection with the equally Holy See in Rome. I have just about read half of it. For about an hour and a half this afternoon I visited with the men. The wind is still blowing hard and we will probably have some stormy weather.

  Well, Beloved, I’m going to close for now and try to get a better night’s sleep. God bless you, Dear. More later.

 Yours alone now and ever in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3

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