September 29, 1944

September 29, 1944

Sarah, My Dearest Darling Wife:

There were no planes today so that meant there was no mail. We all look forward to mail with eagerness, for that is the greatest morale factor there is when you are in a place like this. I do hope we have mail again soon. However, I do have some of your older letters to read and all of them are very sweet. I love to get your letters because it makes me feel like we are together, especially in purpose and in Christ. Your letters are always very informing which helps to take the monotony out of things down here and especially the lonesome place in my heart, which will forever belong to you, Dear.

This morning, my assistant and I went to the Air Base to see some officers about some things. After finding out what we wanted to know, we returned to headquarters and I came over to my quarters and finished reading the September issue of Reader’s Digest. I thought the following articles were worth reading, “Are we on the Wrong Road Toward Peace?” (Very good), “I Object to my Union in Politics.” (Very good), “Know Your Skin.”, “Each One Teach One.” (Excellent), that is the Christian way; Matthew 28:19-20. “I Like to Remember George Sexton.”, “Who is that Man?”, “Puerto Rico: Divorce with Alimony?”, “Young Man, Be Your Own Boss!” ,“You Can Get Them Off the Street Corners.” (I’m not sure about these places, what do you think, Darling? I read all of the articles in the issue, but these are the ones which meant the most to me.

This afternoon Captain Wilkinson and I went out to our cemetery to see how it looked since they have been working on it. After returning, I read some more things I have wanted to read for some time. I thought “Abundant Living” was very good for today.

After supper this evening, I did some more reading and about 7:30 a man came to my quarters to see me about a problem he has back home. It is really a mess, he was here for over three hours. All of these experiences make me more grateful than ever for your wonderful love and devotion.

Newspaper from when Alrik Blomquist retires from the military in 1976.  Willis attended.

Before starting this letter to you, I wrote a letter to Alrik Blomquist. I suppose he has a permanent assignment now. When I saw him in Honolulu, he was still unassigned. I got up early this morning and wrote a letter to Betty Weiskopf and the Galilean Bible Class to thank them for the Pocket Bible Handbooks they sent to me for the men.

Darling, it is late and I am tired and so I think I will close for tonight. There are very few things of news value down here, often I think of the lovely times we have had together and I am hoping we will be able to love and share experiences as we used to in the not too distant future. God bless you in all things Sweetheart and be sure to give the folks my love.

It is so sweet to be your husband 

And Lover forever in Christ.


Colossians 3:3

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