September 27, 1944

September 27, 1944

 My Beloved Darling Wife:

Another day has rolled into eternity and we are one day nearer home and one day nearer being together. Won’t it be wonderful when we can be together again in our own home? Our one year together was the happiest of my whole life. And I look forward to greater happiness in years to come because the Lord has been teaching us so many new things. It means everything to a man to have a wife and companion like you in the Lord’s work.

This morning most of the time was spent making final arrangements for the dinner following the Jewish Yom Kippur services which began last night at sunset. We had 24 in the services last evening and there were 23 at the dinner this evening. They also invited the commanding officers of the Task Force and the Air Base. The services turned out very well when you consider how little we had to work with, as you realize several things are quite necessary for the proper celebration of any Jewish service, or especially Holy Days.

Just Before Yom Kippur Service. 1944. Willis Reed is in the center.

It was really very hot today and this afternoon I spent some more time reading and trying to catch up on some things I wanted to do for sometime. In my reading this afternoon, I happened to run into a little article which I am sending on to you. I think Dr. Sweet hit the nail on the head, what do you think, Darling?

By the way, I failed to tell you yesterday that I received three other letters besides yours, they were from the Hollys, Ruth Reed and Elizabeth Riley. The letter for the Hollys was just as lovely as ever. I will be so happy when you can meet them. I am so grateful to God for His goodness to us, Dear. You know, when we stop and think about it, He has truly given as a host of wonderful Christian friends in almost every section of the United States. Darling, they love you so much, how could they help it? When I think of you and the fact that your God’s little girl, I cannot but feel very humble and all within me makes me want to be a better man, and at least be partially worthy of your blessed love which is a refining and purifying influence in my life and has been ever been since November 1, 1940.

The letter from Ruth was very nice and she seemed to be so glad to have a necklace from us. She thinks so much of you, Dear. All these nice things people write and tell me about you helps to remove a part of the sting and ache of being apart. For it seems through this whole experience that the Lord is teaching us the joy of following His leading, and in spite of being separated we are being drawn closer together because we are one in Him to the extent that we have sought His will first, even though it meant separation.

We did not finish with the Jewish services until almost 9 o’clock. So as soon as possible I came back to my quarters and wrote a letter to the Hollys. Another fine family in Long Beach were the Cables. I became very well acquainted with them while there. The Hollys informed me that Mrs. Cable had a very serious cancer operation. They had to remove her left breast entirely. I wrote them a letter also and enclosed it with the Hollys. Joan, their daughter is President of the College B.Y.F. and a mighty fine girl. Please pray for her, Dear. I will inform you as to her welfare as soon as I hear.

A year ago tonight I was on the Northwestern Challenger racing across the state of Iowa. I’ll be so happy when we can do all of our traveling together. Perhaps if we can get it over now, we will be able to do the rest of our traveling together.

Sweetheart, it is so late and I am so tired so I will close now and asked the Lord to bless you in all things to His honor and glory. Dearest, you grow more precious as the hours roll by.

Yours now and forever in the Love

Of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Philippians 3:9,10

Colossians 3:3

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