September 25, 1944

September 25, 1944

Sarah, My Beloved Darling Sweetheart:

My assistant and I spent most of the morning making final arrangements for the Yom Kippur service that begins tomorrow evening. The more Orthodox Jewish men will probably spend most of the day (Wednesday) fasting, and then after a short service Wednesday evening we will have dinner for the Jewish men that will bring their fast to a close. I got up early this morning and wrote a letter to my father before breakfast. I also sent in a communication to the Red Cross in Honolulu about a problem one of our soldiers has down here.

A goodly part of the afternoon was spent in doing something that I’ll tell you about when we are together again, Dear. It was really some experience to say the least. On the way back from this experience, Raymond and I stopped by the farm and had a very good supper prepared by Carl Schrenberg, who is a very good cook to say the least. He takes more interest in his cooking than most any other man I have ever seen since being in the Army. After supper was over, we stayed and visited with men for quite some time. I wish I had more time to visit with the men that way. But it keeps me busy trying to keep up with all of my study and reading material. Of course, I always try to keep up reading the devotional material every day. Even while I was in Hawaii on detached service, I read my material, for I carried the books with me as well as my favorite Bible. And as I said before, all of your lovely pictures that I could carry with me on such a mission.

The men from the farm that Willis visits. Allredge, Montgomery, Johnson, Long. Front – Redman Scherenberg, Lilly. July 1944.

As soon as we returned to my quarters, I sat down and wrote a letter to the Red Cross about a problem that one of our men faces. I have asked them to investigate the case in the United States and report to me as soon as possible all that is involved. So this soldier will know really what is going on back home. As I’ve said so many times before and I say again, all of these experiences make me realize what a blessed of God young man I am having such a wonderful wife as you are to me, as well as what fine parents your mother and father are to me. Darling, how can I help but praise the Lord for all of these blessings and all of the other thousands he has bestowed upon me.

After finishing the above mentioned letter, I wrote a letter to the young people of the First Baptist Church of Long Beach and thanked them for all the books they sent us. (Ten “Abundant Livings.”) Right in the midst of this letter Captain Wilkinson called me over to his quarters for he wanted to visit for a while. (He is our new medical officer who arrived here recently.)

We had a good visit but I told him I had to get back to my quarters and write to you, so here I am doing the thing I love most, except of course reading your lovely letters. Sweetheart, it is late so I must retire and get some rest before morning comes. God bless you in all things.

Always and Forever Yours in His mighty 



Colossians 3:3

P.S. I’m enclosing a letter which I received from Jimmie, I thought you might enjoy reading it. I found it as I went through my letters yesterday.

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