September 21, 1945

Kyongsong, Korea 

21 September 1945

My Beloved Darling:

Another day and no mail, and all of us really feel it and the men are really complaining about it for they feel they could fly mail into us if they really wanted to do so. Well, tomorrow is another day and I will be hoping for some of your precious letters then.

  All day long I’ve been on the go taking care of things and trying to study a little as well as taking the time for devotions. After dinner Chaplain Vogel and I had another service for one of the companies of our regiment which is a very long way from here. It took most of the afternoon to take care of the service and get back here in time to eat a snack. I used the same message which I had yesterday, “Test Me Now.”  There were twenty-four men in attendance. And then after eating we had our continued study in John. We got through the 28th verses this evening. There were 14 in attendance. This guard business really makes it difficult for me to get away for any kind of service.

  I had a long talk with some of the men this evening about some questions they had about the Bible and other related subjects, as a result it has grown rather late and I am tired. However, before starting this letter to you I wrote a letter to Jeanne Wyckoff  for her birthday. I know it will be late but I wanted to let her know I thought of her and was praying for her future. I sought to encourage her in the Christian life. And then I wrote a letter to the Galilean class thanking them for the nice box which they sent me. You will remember I received it just before we sailed from Okinawa for Korea. Also this morning I wrote a letter to the mother and the father of one of the very fine young men, congratulating them upon their fine training of their son. I thought it might make them happy.

Sarah at the Dunes. August 1945.

  Darling, in your letter of August 26th you said something which helped me more than you will ever know. I quote, “And I know this, that I love you more than ever and I never could and never want to love anyone else. I’m yours for always, Dearest, no matter what comes to pass.”  How I praise God for you Beloved and I say those words right back to you, for that is just the way I feel about you. Isn’t it good to be always each others? Those words; together, us, our, we and in Christ means so very much to me, Dear. I can never think of Christ in all His blessings without thinking of you, Dear.

  I’m glad you were able to have such a good rest up at the Dunes. You needed it and it will probably mean a lot to you and your work this fall at Northern. I’m anxious to get some letters from you to know how you have been coming along with your work this fall and how you like it. If it is possible I hope we’ll be able to have a little time together before we get back into full-time work.

  You were wondering how many points I have, as of V-J Day I had 58 points. I’m not counting on much of anything. I’m just hoping it won’t be too much longer before I’ll be able to come back to you, Dear. Things are most uncertain over here and they are really upset. We have a lot of high point men who are still here and probably will be for quite some time. This Army is most unpredictable and I will not count much anything until I see the good old Golden Gate.

  Dear, I think it is fine the way you are saving our money for the days ahead and I fully agree with you about buying things and then having to ship them to a new place. We will not buy very much until we are sure we will be settled down for some time. I do hope they improve the quality of things before too long. I’m sure the Lord will lead us aright if we trust Him fully. He will never fail those who seek to do His will.

  Well my Dear, I will close for tonight hoping that tomorrow will bring us in some mail. God bless you my Darling in all things is my earnest prayer. Be sure to give the folks my love.

 I’m yours ever in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3

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