September 21, 1944

September 21, 1944

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

This evening after I returned to my quarters I read all of your letters over again and they were a real blessing to my heart as are all I have ever received from you. It is surely a stabilizing influence to be sure of your love and devotion. Your letters indicate the fact that you’re growing in the Christian life for which I am very thankful. I shall forever be grateful to Our Heavenly Father for the privilege which is mine in being one with you in Christ for the ages of the ages. As I look back over the time we have known and loved one another, it seems like a dream which is a foretaste of the glory we shall know when we are forever with the Lord of Glory.

This is been a very busy day, for my assistant and I did everything possible to let all the Catholic men know that there were to be services for them tonight. The Catholic chaplain came down on the same plane I returned on last Tuesday. My assistant drove my jeep and picked up all the men who were interested in the confessions and the Mass that was to be held for them this evening.

We also worked on the Jewish service for the men which is to begin next Tuesday evening at sunset. Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), the orthodox Jews will not eat anything from sunset Tuesday until sunset Wednesday. The reformed Jews are not so strict in the matter. When you have such a small unit as we have, it is hard to have such a service because the number of orthodox and reformed Jews are few and it is rather hard to plan a service that will meet with both of their approvals. And of course there are a quite a few of the Jewish men who profess no faith whatsoever. However, I’m seeking to do my best that all men will have the opportunity of this service if they so desire. I have asked several men and they have shown very little interest, whereas two or three are very much interested.

As soon as Raymond had returned with the jeep from taking the Catholic men to services, we left here for the farm and we had our regular service. They were 10 in attendance. We had a good time together and the men are really coming along and singing the choruses. I wish you could hear them. All of them seem to like them very much. I asked them to tell all of us something they were thankful for that begin with the first letter of their last name. I think it helps to get men to express themselves. After the service, we had a good visit and discussion. They are surely a fine bunch of men. Carl Scherenberg and I had a very good visit, his wife had written that she had finally contacted you and that she was going up to visit you. We had a good talk about both of you and decided we would like very much to be with you, and as for us, that day can come none too soon.

Willis’ photo with General Richardson’s staff. Taken while in Hawaii. 1944.

Sweetheart, I’m glad to know that you have been remodeling some more of your dresses, from what you have told me they must be real nice. I will surely be glad to see them when I return. By the way, I have a very nice necklace that I’ll send you in the near future and you can give that to Bob’s Margaret. By the time I have the box ready to send I will have been given some more by the natives. They are surely good to Raymond and I. As you said in one of your letters, I think “Abundant Living” is a wonderful inspiring book. His new book, “The Christ of the American Road”, is also very good I know you would enjoy it very much.

Early this morning I wrote a letter to Paul and Gen. I told them how much they mean to us. Isn’t it wonderful to have such wonderful friends as they are to us? God be praised for the privilege which is ours, Dear.

I’m surely happy that you were able to be in Dr. Stiansen’s history class this year. It will mean a whole lot to you I’m sure. You will long remember his fine teaching I’m sure. Don’t be afraid of him calling on you, the longer you are in the class the more you will love it. And I think you’ll like Dr. Mandy’s New Testament class also. “The Apostle” will help you a whole lot in Dr. Mantey’s class. I would read it as soon as possible and I think if you do it will clarify a good many things in your mind which will make it easier for you in New Testament.

One reason you have received so many pictures from me is because many of the men have taken pictures of us and then they have given them to me. Which is very good to say the least. I have a few more that I’ll be sending to you in a few days.

I’m glad that you sent five dollars from us to Green Lake. As I have said before, whatever the Lord lays upon your heart as a good investment, feel absolutely free to give it, after all Dear, I trust your judgment unreservedly because I am more convinced that you are seeking above all else to do the Lord’s will. As you say, I think our money is a sacred trust and the best bonds in the whole universe are those that will bring men closer to the Lord. The security of such investments is the King of Glory.

So, you finally met Mrs. Russell. She is a grand Christian, isn’t she? She has always been very nice to me for some reason or other.

By the way, I think you are right about teaching in the Junior Department. There is no reason for them to let you know just before class that you will have to fill in wherever there happens to be someone missing. If I were you, I would talk it over with Maurice. Personally, I think you ought not to teach on the basis you have been because there is too much uncertainty involved. If you had a definite class of your own, perhaps you could plan and put into action some of the things you have learned. I think you ought to have a class of your own. I shall make it a matter of prayer and I’m sure the Lord will lead you aright.

Again, it is very late and I’m tired so I think I will close for tonight. Well Darling, as ever before I love you more tonight than ever. God bless you and the folks in all things.

Forever yours alone, Dear, in 

The wonderful love of our Savior,


Colossians 3:3

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  • John T Reed
    September 21, 2018, 3:44 am

    “I asked them to tell all of us something they were thankful for that begin with the first letter of their last name. I think it helps to get men to express themselves.” A very engaging elementary-teacherly activity…nicely done, Willis!

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