September 21, 1943

September 21, 1943

 Dearest Sweetheart:-

Your letter was so precious today describing the meeting in Des Plaines. It is wonderful to be working for the Lord, especially when one has a companion who is as whole heartedly interested in the work as you are. Dear, my prayer is this that this experience of being apart and working as hard as we can will only make us more efficient as we serve a church again, if it be God’s Will. I want to come back to you as greater servant of the Lord and a far better husband. I want to be worthy of having a wife like you who unreservedly gives her all to Christ.

I wanted to write more to you last night but conditions made it impossible, but none the less, between paragraphs in my studying I thought of you Dear.

Well, we had another exam in “Military Sanitation and First Aid”  today which completes the course. I’ll be sadly disappointed if I get below 90 in this because there was only one little part of one question I wasn’t sure about. We have two more exams tomorrow, one is in “Military Law” and the other is “the Burial of the Dead in Combat Areas”, or “Graves Registration.”

Willis’ foot locker. It is now with his youngest son John, in Vermont.

I thought maybe I would get my orders today concerning the place where I’ll be sent, but I did not. I’ll probably be finding out pretty soon. As soon as I do I’ll let you know. By the way, that makes me think you better not send anymore letters to me here at Harvard after this coming Thursday the 23rd. Thanks for sending the trunk, or rather “foot locker.” It arrived safely today.

By your description of the Quaker meeting it must have been very impressive and inspirational. I’ve found out in my brief experience in the Army, and even in the midst of Chaplins, it is entirely up to you to be eager to hear the Lord’s voice. Weren’t “The Secret Place” and “My Utmost for His Highest”  good today?

Concerning the insurance on our furniture and the insurance on my books, drop them both. I believe under the present circumstances that would be best.

Thank the Chief for fixing that fine name holder on the foot locker. It’s really O.K. and shows time spent on it.

I was interested in learning of Maurice Jackson’s experience of knowing Rev. Calas. Right from the first, I was afraid he was that kind of man even though I had nothing to indicate that fact. Mrs. Herbert wrote me a letter which I got yesterday, as well as Sarah Coyne, and they didn’t seem to be too well pleased with his coming.

I hate to bother you and the Chief so much but I’m wondering if you, or preferably the Chief because of his ability in such things, would go to the Stebkins Hardware on Van Buren and buy me 3 packages of “sex-to-Blade” razor blades and also a Boy Scout knife (preferably), but if not, a knife that has a can opener on it because I’ll probably need it.

Well Darling, I would like to go on telling you how I love you and praise God for you but I must eat and prepare for tomorrow’s exams. Darling, I love you for the ages of the ages.

In Christ’s all inclusive Love & Power,


Psalm 91

Col 3:1-4

Phil 1:3

2 thoughts on “September 21, 1943

  • willisareed
    September 21, 2017, 5:35 am

    Thanks Uncle John for sending a picture of you foot locker. So awesome to actually see it!

  • Da
    September 21, 2017, 11:21 am

    Just imagine all the places that trunk has gone to over the years!

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