September 20, 1944

September 20, 1944

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

This has really been a busy day, but in spite of all the things there were to do I thought of you on many occasions. It is another day past that we will not have to be apart. I read your letters over again this evening and will try to answer some of your questions and will make comments on other things you told me.

I appreciated very much reading about the nice walk you and Mom had up to the Dunes. I’ll be glad when we can go on walks like we used to do when we were there. Remember the times we watched the sunset and the stars and the lights of the city? I imagine it was quieter up there this summer because of gas rationing.

I’m surprised to hear that Mr. Starrett lived as long as he did. It is much better that he is gone for I know it will be a relief to Mrs. Starrett. He was surely a mighty fine man. I will never forget him in our old North Star B.Y., and of course the Beacon class.

I’m glad that you received a letter from my father. Dear, I will write to him in longhand in the future. The particular letter I wrote by V-mail was written in a hurry because I didn’t have much time. By the way, thank you for sending the program and articles from the papers I enjoyed reading. I mean the programs of the retreat. I was so sorry to hear of the death of Brayton Case, our great missionary to the people of Burma.

It was a real surprise to me to find out that the Burtons had bought a home up at Round Lake. I surely hope it works out all right for them. It will undoubtedly be better for the children. I only hope it won’t be too hard on Charlie traveling back and forth every day to work.

So you liked the things in the last box that I sent home to you. I’m glad that you liked them and I hope those we give them to will like them also. By the way Sweetheart, it is very difficult to explain how the sail is to be placed on the outrigger. The long piece of palm cord is used to control the sail, that is to the amount of wind you want in the sail. I’ll show you when I come back home.

From what you told me in your letter, the camp fire service of Buena must have really been a fine service. It is really encouraging to hear about so many young people dedicating their lives to full-time Christian service. When you see Dr. Hepburn, be sure to greet him for me and let him know that I appreciate his prayer very much. And that goes for all the rest of our friends and loved ones who are praying for me.

Illinois Baptist Camp at East Bay 1943. Faculty. Willis is Third in the back row, Sarah is on the right in the front row. Bob Stieger to the left of Willis.

I think that was good of Bob Stieger to ask you to be a counselor next year at East Bay. If I’m not back by then I think it will be another fine opportunity for you. It will give you additional experience and the privilege of becoming acquainted with many more fine young people.

You were wondering if I received the Quide and the North Shore Baptist. Yes, I do and I appreciate them very much. I always read them over quite thoroughly when I can get a moment to do so.

I’m glad to know that the Harpers have turned the young people over to you and the Grooms. I think it will help a whole lot and the people will really have a lot more interest. Really, I anticipate great things from the group this year and you can tell them that for me.

It was surely a surprise for me to hear that Fred Lemmert had started to Northern. I, as you, feel that this will open a whole lot if he will give it his best. I was very sorry to hear that Frank Arnold had been injured in the European theater of operations. I do hope it will all soon be over and we will cease destroying one another, as well as destroying property.

By the way, being in Oahu for the five days and detached service meant that I missed the paymaster when he was down here, so I will not be paid now until next month. That is the reason you will not receive a money order from me this month. Don’t worry about me, I have enough. I’m trying to save all I can.

Please remember all I want for Christmas this year is another good picture of you. I would like to have one like the other one of us together that was taken at Mandel’s. What I mean is, I would like you to have it tinted that way. If you have not ordered it when this letter reaches you, remember I would like to have about 6 x 8 or the next size larger. Sweetheart, if there is anything I will ever need I’ll surely let you know. So please don’t worry about my needs.

Lover, it has grown very late and I am tired so I will close for tonight and answer the rest of your questions tomorrow night. God bless you and all things, my Dear. And remember, I love you more than ever.

Always and forever just

Yours in the love of Christ,


Colossians 3:3

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