September 2, 1943

September 2, 1943

Dearest Sweetheart:

It was so good to have your letter waiting for me after drill, and I was so glad to see your proofs. I will pick them and send them right back to you so you can get them as soon as possible, for I’m pretty lonesome without a good picture of you. After having your other picture so long that I carried with me everywhere, I find it pretty hard not having one of you to look at and have my heart say to me, “Willis there is your greatest possession this side of Jordan.” Darling, words fail me when I attempt to describe to you how much I really love you. All I can say is each parted hour only leaves a bigger place in my heart for you. These words like the waters that go cascading over Niagara Falls keep resounding in my heart, “Oh, such wonderful Love and such a wonderful Lover.” Concerning the pictures, I like #3 the best because it’s so very natural. And then I would like to have one of #2 finished in black and white.

Sarah and Willis cut their wedding cake on June 30, 1942.

On guard duty, I do not have to carry a gun. Here are some of courses of studies thus far, Chemical warfare, Army Administration, Military Courtesy and Discipline, Infantry drill and Army formations, Army Morale, Practical Duties of a Chaplain, Map Reading and Military Law or Court Martial.

Concerning the picture that was in the times: Write to Mr. David Gordon, The Daily Times, East Moline, Ill. I’m glad you are going to be able to go with Ruth and Joe. Remember us, we are going to be drilling and studying, no time off whatsoever.

Earl likes the army, of course there are a lot of problems.

Paul and Gen have a hard decision to make but I feel definitely Paul should now prepare himself for the ministry. Of course it’s hard with the children, but Darling you would realize more than ever the need of Godly Men if you could see, hear and know what I’ve found out thus far in my short time here at Harvard. Paul and Gen have just what God can use to be a servant of influence and power because they are willing to trust in the Lord.

Forget the application about the girl to Augistana, I never heard of her.

Give the rear view mirror to the Chief as a gift from us, he might as well have it and use it.

If the Chief is going to investigate about a watch, be sure to remember it must be shockproof – waterproof and a dial to be read in the dark.

Well sweetheart, I must close for now, get something to eat and get to my studies.

Yours Forever in Our Savior’s Love,


Psalm 11 and 12

Written on the side:

P.S. I got a nice long letter from Mrs. Frank Powell. I also got a card that my pictures are ready. I’ll send them to you soon.

I love you Dear.

One thought on “September 2, 1943

  • Dan Reed
    September 2, 2017, 8:21 am

    The biblical references at the bottom of each letter are a great guide for the day. As well as seeing how the growth of Sarah and Willis’ spiritual relation was developing over a great distance; they speak to me in these difficult times we are living in and need to rely on Him more than ever.

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