September 19, 1945

Kyongsong, Korea 

19 September 1945

Sarah, My Dearest Darling:

Well, one more day has slipped by and I am so thankful for that means we are one day closer together. I had hoped there would be some mail today, but none came in. Perhaps there will be some tomorrow. I’m glad I have your old letters to read.

  This has been another rounder of a day, on the go from daybreak until this very minute. This morning I tried to do some studying but was interrupted several different times. This afternoon it was the same story all over again. There were several cases to take care of and then I was trying to get my service planned for this evening. By the way, you will be interested to know that this afternoon I gave a Bible and some tracks to a Japanese officer who wanted them. He is a Christian, but naturally being in the Army he was not allowed to have them; that is knowingly. He says he believes Christianity is the only hope for his country. He wants to tell people about Christ when he gets back to Japan. Please remember him and me in prayer until he is returned to Japan. I gave him the tracks because I thought they might prove helpful to him.

News from September 19, 1945.

  There were 24 at our evening service which isn’t so bad when you consider how things are right now. I spoke on this  theme, “Acquaintances or a Friend?”  My scripture was Revelation 3:20.  It worked out very very well. Just before starting this letter to you I wrote a hurried letter to Holly’s and let them know that I haven’t forgotten them all together.

  It has been rather chilly all day and on several occasions it sprinkled. I’m not sure but it may be sprinkling right now. As I said several times before, this weather and climate makes me think of Chicago and the surrounding area. Naturally that makes me more lonesome than ever.

I’m going to answer some of your questions and make a few comments on your last letters, then I’m going to go to bed and try to get some rest for I am really quite tired. I’m so thankful to the Lord to know that Mr. Paul is getting along so well. I do hope that he doesn’t have any more trouble and that he will regain his health. I’m happy that you have been able to help them during this time of their trouble. I was rather surprised to hear about Bob working on some farm somewhere but that is better than lying around. Perhaps by the time this letter reaches you he will have his discharge, if not I hope so. I assure you that I’ll pray for him and Margie and I do hope they will be able to get started soon. Has Bob made any kind of a statement as to what he intends to do? I do hope Mom won’t worry about it too much. I’m wondering if she is starting to do any worrying about us?

  I think that was all right what you told Mrs. Scheu about the refrigerator. Things are very very uncertain right now and it is very hard to know just what is best concerning this matter. Those dresses you made while on your vacation sound very nice and I’m sure they will look good on you, Dear. 

I think that was very nice of Captain Wilson to send the negatives to you. And when I write to him I will thank him for his kindness and thoughtfulness. I was sorry to hear that Delores Nelson isn’t feeling so well. I hope she gets better soon, as you say, she never looked too well. She is extremely nervous and of course that doesn’t help any.

  Well, my Dear, I think I will close for tonight and try to get some rest. Be sure to give the folks my deepest love. I love you more than ever, Sweetheart.

 It is so good to be just yours

 for always Lover in Christ,


Colossians 3:3

 P.S. Sweetheart, when you get the 1946 diary for me please get as thin as one as possible. Otherwise it will make my pocket look too bulky.

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