September 19, 1943

September 19, 1943

 Dearest Sweetheart:-

I just finished reading your letter of yesterday again. It was so sweet and I could just hear Dear Dr. Steinsen say what you said in the letter about that Methodist Evangelist. When I read it, I just had to laugh right out loud because you described it so well. I know you will love him in History.

Wayne Soliday and Willis at the Riley’s house.

I didn’t write to you last night because as soon as classes were over yesterday afternoon, Katherine and Elizabeth Riley met us here at school and we were at their home again last night for a good home cooked meal. We had enough for at least four. When I say “we,” I mean Wayne Soliday. We thought we had ought to do something for the Riley’s who had been so kind to us, so we bought a picture of Sallman’s head of Christ and gave it to them last night. We got home about eleven o’clock and I was so tired I went right to bed and decided I would write you a long letter today. By the way, a week ago Saturday the Riley’s took some pictures and had a set developed for both Wayne and I and I’m sending them onto you now. I wrote on the back of each one so you will know who’s who and what’s what.

I stayed in bed this morning until 7:30 and then got up and had breakfast. I didn’t go to church but Wayne and I are going to Tremont Temple tonight. The reason I didn’t go was we have a message due tomorrow in one of our courses on “the Work of the Chaplains,” supposedly to be given to a group of officers. I worked on it from around 10 A.M. until 2:45 P.M. If I’m ever called on to give such a message I plan on using this one. I went out, had a little to eat and came right back to my room and now here I am writing to my dearest possession because you belong to Christ and I belong to Him and we belong to each other. How I praise the Lord for you Dear, it’s because you’re so constant, kind, true, and wholly dependable. I’m so happy that I can trust you. You make me think of Hebrews  13:8 because I can trust your promises, although they’ve been made before, they keep. If anything, they’re becoming surer because separation and time are only welding us closer together as one.  Thus far I have learned I love you more all the time. It has taught me this much, one needs not always have your lover around to have your love grow. And you know, I’ve been thinking that’s one of the reasons Christ went home to be with our Heavenly Father. He wanted us to love Him more by being separated. When we are in God’s Will separation can even be sweet, isn’t that true Dear? Don’t misunderstand Lover, if I could just hold you now in my arms I’d be so very happy and thankful, and only our God would know the joy that would surge through my heart if only I could press you to my breast. What I mean is, I believe God has some other way. And by his grace “I want to be God’s man in God’s place.”

Darling, I don’t know for sure where I’ll be going as yet, but I expect to hear soon, perhaps around the first of the week. We finish here next Saturday Sept 25th at noon. All those who have their orders will leave as soon as they can make connections. If I have my orders, I will leave here next Saturday afternoon. We have five more examinations this week. The only reason I was able to tell you my grade in Map reading was because the hour following the exam we went over the examination questions. We never know what our grades are. The teachers never know our final grade, or the school either, because different teachers teach different courses. The only way you could find out would be to go to the Chief of Chaplains office in Washington D.C. and ask to see your grades at the Chaplain School. ( I mean the grades you received at the Chaplain.)

I’m so glad that you are going with the Larsons to the Sunday School Advance in Des Plaines.  Dear, be sure to give my love to all of my friends and tell them I often think of them.

Also, be assured Darling that I’m praying for Mom. She surely needs to trust the Lord more. Doctor’s or anybody else won’t be able to help her very much until she helps herself by not hating everything so. She makes herself so miserable by being so bitter.

Well Sweetheart, I’m a little weary and would like to relax just a few minutes before leaving for Tremont Temple, so remember I love you more than ever because your God’s little girl and mine.

Forever and ever yours in His Matchless Love,


Psalm 39-40

Col 3:1-4

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