September 17, 1944

September 17, 1944

My Beloved Darling:

Well another day has slipped by and I’m still waiting to get out of here. We sat around until noon before we were informed that we would be free to do what we wanted until 9:30 this evening.

This noon I met a fine chaplain who is going to a forward area. He is waiting for plane transportation also. His name is Ward and he is a Methodist, having had churches in Massachusetts and Missouri.

We had our dinner together and spent most of the afternoon visiting and walking around looking at things.

This evening we went back to his old outfit and visited his Bible class he used to have for the men. There were nine men there. After the meeting was over we had a good long talk about Christian things. There is nothing in the world like fellowship with those who love the Lord unreservedly. Chaplain Ward used to have a very fine set up. The chapel on his old post is really beautiful and very well kept. I surely missed not having services today, but under existing circumstances, there was nothing I could do about it.

The natives on Christmas Island. 1944.

Darling, I’m so lonesome to get some of your letters for I’m sure there are some waiting for me. It would be best to be with you, but that will come in due time and we will appreciate it more than ever when the time does arrive. 

It is very late and I’m tired so I must close for tonight. Darling, each day finds me with more reasons for loving you.

Now and Forever yours in the Love of 

Our Lord Jesus Christ,


Colossians 3:3

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