September 17, 1943

September 17, 1943

 Dearest Sweetheart:-

Thanks for your sweet letter today. It was surely so good to read it. It helped to fill that lonesome place in my heart.

My rabbi roommate’s name is “Gunther Plaut” from Chicago, Illinois. Our official name is Chaplain and we are supposed to be called that at all times.

The chaplains from the 1943 group at Harvard 1943. Willis is the first on the left in the front row.

Yes, the family who invited us out to dinner are very nice. Their name is “Riley” and they have invited my friend and I to dinner again tomorrow night.

Since being here at Chaplain School I’ve been able to make some very fine friends, one is “Alrik Blomquist” from Arthur, Iowa; also “Wayne Soliday” from Pennsylvania; Charles Tibbs, a fine negro from Philadelphia, Penna.; Robert Petrie from Vermont. These boys are all Baptists but I have some other fine friends, for instance, Bob Young a Nazarene, Frank Griffin and Grover Gordon who are of the Disciples Church, and Bob Montgomery and Robert Will, fine Southern Methodists who really love the Lord and believe the Word.

Well, the map reading exam is over and I got 90 which is pretty good for me.  I wanted to get a higher grade but I do know it pretty well anyhow. The two mistakes I made was on misinterpreting the question.

The Baptist dinner was very nice last night and I enjoyed it a lot. However, it was rather long.

I’m so glad you like Northern and I hope you will be able to stay at the school eventually, for then I’m sure you’ll enjoy it even more.

Well Dear, I have a lot of typing to do and as soon as I eat I want to get at it. I will try and write you a longer letter over the weekend. Remember, I love you more all the time. May God Bless you as each day you grow more into His will.

With All of My love,


Psalm 37:23

Col 3:1-4

P.S. I must have the “foot locker” by next Friday morning, so here’s hoping you get it off in time.

2 thoughts on “September 17, 1943

  • Lyle Dorsett
    September 19, 2017, 8:17 am

    Thank you for preserving and making available to the public this hidden thread of World War II history. Splendidly done.

    • willisareed
      September 20, 2017, 6:20 am

      Thank you Dr. Dorsett for writing about the importance of Chaplains during the war.

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