September 16, 1943

September 16, 1943

 Dearest Sweetheart:

I’ve just finished reading the very lovely letter you wrote me Monday. It was so wonderfully expressed and truly describes how I feel about you. I only wish I had more time to write to you concerning my feelings but I must not take time from my study. I want to keep up on my work. If you once get behind on your work it’s very hard to catch up. And thus far I’ve been able to keep up.

Written in Willis’ hand: Wayne Soliday and Willis September 11, 1943

I’m so glad you like the pictures.  The reason I got the smiling one was because I thought you would like it.

I got a long letter from Mrs. Schu and she told me all the news and what Hohn had done.  I’m not at all surprised at him doing this.

I’m sorry to hear that the Chief didn’t pass the state Board Exam of Indiana, but after all God knows best.

We have our long marches in the country out around Boston and Cambridge. We have marched almost to Concord and Lexington on a couple of occasions. Tonight at 9:10 P.M. we are going out on a map reading problem of location finding. We are going for a long march dropping three of us out at different intervals until the whole platoon is scattered. Then we will open our sealed orders and seek to find a place designated only as (X). We use a compass and what experience we’ve had in map reading. It looks rather bad now because it looks like rain is going to set in for the night. I imagine we’ll get back about midnight. Tomorrow afternoon we have our examination in map reading. I have a lot of reviewing to do on it so I’ll have to close, get something to eat and study until time to start on our night march. Sweetheart, I love you more than ever before because you become a sweeter servant of the Lord each and everyday.

With all my Love & Life in Christ,


Psalm 35:36

P.S. Please send the “foot locker” immediately for I’ll need it as soon as I get my new orders.

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