September 15, 1944

September 15, 1944

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

This has been another busy day, and it seemed the day just flashed by. There are a lot of things I would like to tell you but I will not be able to do so now. However, there are some things I can tell you.

Early this morning I left Honolulu to go to the Chief of Chaplain’s office. While there I had a good visit with him about the problems we face.

Later, I called upon several other officers about needs we have down on our island. I’m hoping they will do something about them for it is a sure thing man cannot give their best when needs are not supplied.

I returned to my room in Honolulu and had a good dish of ice cream for my dinner. I wasn’t very hungry. I packed all the things I bought for men down there and prepared to go to the airfield to get a plane back. Shortly after dinner Carl Moller (Louisa Hae’s husband) called me and wanted me to have dinner with him this evening. So I arranged to do so.

Immediately after that I left for the airfield to make arrangements for my flight. It took over two hours to get everything ready, and at that I’ll probably have to wait two or three more days before I catch a plane.

On my way here I stopped by the Pacific Ocean Red Cross Headquarters and sought to get some help from them with some urgent needs down on our island.

I met Carl downtown at 6 o’clock and we had a very good dinner as his treat to me. It was good to visit with him, he seemed to be very happy to visit about Louisa and Evelyn.

In the meantime, Chaplain Cavender and Chaplain Brown came down to Honolulu and looked for me at the place where I stayed. Fortunately, I met another chaplain friend who told me so I found them and all of us really had a wonderful visit. Chaplain Brown knows a lot of our friends so we really had a feast of fellowship.

There is nothing in all the world like Christian fellowship. I have missed such fellowship for a long time now. Chaplin Cavender’s wife has had a very serious operation, so please remember her in your prayers, Dear. I wish you could know him, he is surely a grand a chaplain and the kind I like. Chaplin Brown is a fine man also, his wife is attending William Jewell College, our Baptist college in Missouri.

Well Darling, it is late and I’m tired so I think I’ll close for tonight. God bless you in all things, my Dear.

Yours always and forever in the Love 

of Christ which makes us one.


Colossians 3:3

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