September 14, 1943

September 14, 1943

 Dearest Sweetheart:.

Your letter was so very sweet today and it meant more to me than I can tell you. Darling, it means so very much to have a wife and companion like you who one can really count on. The cases I have experienced thus far of companions in the Army who are not being fair really is distressing. You continually give me inspiration to do more for our Wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It’s those who don’t have Christ in their hearts and lives who are unstable and as James says, “tossed about like a wave on the sea.” I’m so glad you were able to get “My Utmost For His Highest.” I’ve read every one of them since I’ve been here. It is surely hard to have any kind of regular devotions because of all the interruptions that continually come my way because my roommates have no respect for quietness. (Handwritten on the side: I mean the majority have no devotions, therefore they care not how it may affect. Of course the Catholics have their altars and say their masses early each morning.) I don’t like to complain but I’ve been interrupted in the writing of this letter already five times. Darling, you can count on me to read “My Utmost For His Highest” with you everyday. I’ll do it some time even though there may be a great amount of static.

One of Willis’ friends from Chaplain’s School. Wayne Soliday – of Pennsylvania.

I wanted to write you more last night but didn’t get a chance to because of so much work. Tonight I have a lot of reviewing to do, for tomorrow we are going to have two examinations and I want to keep up on my notes and not get behind.

By the way, my Catholic roommate came in Sunday night dead drunk and what a mess you never saw in all your life. Two of his buddies helped him upstairs and signed the registry for him. I could go into detail but will refrain from doing such. The only thing I will say however is this, that he kept the three of us awake most of the night. The Catholics are not the only ones – others too, but they lead in this field by quite a margin. You talk to some of them about loose living and they’ll laugh in your face. The main thing is, go through the ritual. Be faithful in this and you can go out and live like the world. I cannot understand it because as I read God’s Word it tells us to be separate from the rest of the world by the fact that our lives produce different fruit.

Well Darling, in closing I want to tell you I surely love the watch you picked out for me. Everyone thinks it’s a beauty. I surely hope you didn’t run yourself short on funds to get it. And then I’m so glad to have my old picture of you. I carry it in the Bible, from Olga and Kittie, in my shirt pocket so every now and then I look at it. I must go eat and study but remember I too love you more every passing day and hour. Blessed be the name of the Lord for such a Darling Wife.

With All of My Life and Love,


Psalm 31-32

Phil 1:3

I used the typewriter because I could do it faster. O.K.

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  • John Reed
    September 14, 2017, 3:23 am

    So glad he finally got that wristwatch! It’s plain to see where the pervasive “Reed energy level” came from–he maintained quite the grueling schedule and led by example from the get go 🙂

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