September 11, 1943

September 11, 1943

Dearest Sweetheart:

Another week of work is completed and you’ll never know the joy that topped it off by the coming of your very sweet letter. I look forward more for the coming of the mail than any other thing, and especially your precious letters. You always write such newsy letters which make me feel I’m there with you. I started writing this letter in my room all alone and was looking forward to writing you a letter in peace and quiet, but my rabbi roommate just came in like thunder, for when he talks it’s in a half-shouting fashion, and he’s liable to burst out at anytime with something making it hard to concentrate on writing.  Besides this, I have to sit in clouds of smoke he puffs my way. Distraction to say the least. I’m convinced more and more a cigarette smoker is one of the most inconsiderate persons there are. If I could find privacy somewhere else I would surely go there, but such cannot be found.

The loose living among the Chaplains just makes my heart ache. Praise the Lord for the fact that I know better than that. I only realize how far short I fall of being what God expects, but by his matchless Grace I’m going to try and live more closely than I ever have before.

This evening my friend from Pennsylvania and I were invited out again for dinner to the same home we were before. We had a wonderful dinner. It is surely a wonderful Christian family. The father is dead, there are five children – 3 girls and two boys. One boy is in the Army  and the other is a chemist in a government Chemical Company. We met them at Tremont Temple Baptist Church.

I forgot to tell you about the service at Tremont Temple Baptist Church last Sunday night. The main Auditorium was filled with 3,000 people by 6:30 P.M. (Note the bulletin, service not scheduled to start until 7:00 P.M.) And Larimer Hall, another big room sitting around 600, was filled and they heard the service by loudspeaker. The service was underway by 6:35 P.M. I sat on the platform along with seven other Chaplains. It was surely a great inspiration to hear such a great gathering sing “He Lives.” As long I live I’ll never forget it, “Charlie” Taylor led the singing. By the way, the theme song of the young people at Tremont Temple is, guess what? “Wonderful Jesus.” It just thrilled my heart to hear them sing this great Chorus. It made me think of our young folks at East Moline and how we use to sing it.

“Charlie” Taylor’s brother Bob is going to Northern, or at least I think he’s still there. If you see him tell him I had a quite a visit with Charlie and told him about Bob at Northern.

Send my love to Julius Robert and Mrs. Mantry for me. Tell them I often think of them.

By the way, I got a very lovely letter from Nettie and she told all about Charlie applying for the Chaplaincy and being turned down.  I would be so glad to see them. They’re the kind of friends who are very few and far between.

The “no good,” photo of Willis. Chaplain School 1943.

Thanks for sending the pictures of Paul and Genevieve, they are very good. They sent me the same ones so I’m going to return them to you. I cut them down in size and carry them in my Bill-fold. By the way, the people who had us out to dinner tonight took a picture of me which is no good, but I’m sending it to you anyhow.

Louise Davis and her mother wrote me a very fine letter and they seem to feel that Rev. Calas wasn’t the man for the place either. Mrs. Davis said she thought they were in too big a hurry to call him, although they didn’t say how they voted. To be frank with you Dear, I’m a little skeptical about it myself but we’ll pray about it and perhaps everything will work out all right.

So the new insurance policy came through, does it look O.K.? As soon as you can conveniently get it paid and the loan all paid on the $3,000.00 policy be sure and do it. But by all means don’t run yourself short on funds. You mentioned the fact that you paid an insurance premium, was that the $1,000.00 Mutual life? My $2,000.00 Guardian Life Insurance policy comes due I believe Oct. 13. If possible, change this from semi-annual to annual payment, for this is the anniversary date of the policy. That’ll save us some money paying it that way. But please don’t run yourself short on money.  As soon as I find out where I’ll be stationed after I leave here, I’ll try and send you some more money. As it is I have to hang onto some extra to buy my ticket when I find out where my new station will be.

Well Darling, it is growing very late and I must close but let me remind you that I love you more all the time and continually praise the Lord for such a wonderful wife and co-worker in God’s great Kingdom program.

With All of my love,

because You belong to Christ,


Written on the side:

Hebrews 12:1-3

Col 3:3

Phil 1:3

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