October 9, 1944

October 9, 1944

Sarah, My Dearest Darling Wife:

Well my Dear, another day has gone by and for some reason or other I am very tired. Even though I am tired I love you more than ever and find great joy in your faithful love. I was hoping that we might have some mail but no such good luck. I suppose it will be two or three more days before I receive any mail.

This has truly been a hot day, this afternoon was one of the warmest days we have ever had since I came down here. For some reason or other it seems to absorb your strength. This evening we had a very beautiful sunset and I know you would’ve enjoyed it very much. Captain Wilkinson, Captain Stark and I watched it out over the calm Pacific Ocean. It so happens that the ocean was calmer tonight than I have ever seen it before.

This morning I had two problem cases to work on, it took most of the morning to get them straightened out. One of the men has an overwhelming problem to face. We initiated an emergency furlough for him this morning, I surely hope it is granted soon so we can get him on his way back home.

After dinner, Raymond and I fixed up some boxes to send home some things for you. The smallest box I sent to you by Air Mail. I truly hope you will like what is in the package. One box is for you and the other is for Mom. After you receive it, I will tell you all about the things that each box contains.

.The natives dance for the Bob Hope troupe. Willis explaining on the right.

The large wooden box contained some more shells, (in a sock), a shark tooth is sword, a model outrigger, and several shell necklaces. The one package with your name on it contains three necklaces that I want you to keep for yourself. Please give one to the following folks, Phyllis, Mil, Bob’s Margaret and Mrs. Mantey. You feel free to do what you like with the other necklaces. There’s also a bracelet in the box which Gen may like to have.

After supper this evening we were invited to the native village for a special dance they put on for us. You would have enjoyed it I’m sure. In that I am so tired I think I will close for tonight and try to get a good nights sleep. Remember Dear, I love you more each and every day. God bless you in all the things and may the Lord guide and direct you in all things. Give Mom and the Chief my deepest love.

Always and Ever yours in the 

Love of Christ Jesus,


Colossians 3:3

P.S. Sweetheart, Gen’s birthday is this next week October 20th. Be sure to get her some nice present from us. When you see her give her my love and best wishes on her birthday.

P.S. Enclosed is a card that the Allins sent in a letter to me. I got a laugh out of it, wasn’t that sweet of them?

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