October 8, 1944

October 8, 1944

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

Well, another Lord’s Day is past and we are now that much nearer to being together again. Each passing day makes me more grateful for the privilege that is mine in being a husband and coworker in the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. I thought of you on several occasions today, and I could not help but think how good it will be to be with you again on the Lord’s day. I often think of the good times we used to have together in our own home. You are such a good wife.

This is one of the finest Sundays I have had since coming down here. And of course, it helps to make you feel a little better. I spoke on this theme, “Sin is self-destructive.” I used as my scripture I Peter 3:8-15. Several men spoke to me about it after the service was over. It helps to know that it proved to be a blessing to them.

It was nice and cool this morning but it became very hot this afternoon. After having my dinner I was rather tired so I took a nap for an hour. Then I got up and wrote a couple of letters. They were to the Allins and Stan and Letha.

After supper Captain Wilkinson and I took a ride in my jeep along the shore. We stopped for a while and watched the gooney birds with their young. Most everybody calls them gooney birds down here, but the proper name is boobey. They are a part of the albatross family. When I was in Honolulu I saw a book about birds in the Central Pacific area so I bought it so that I could become acquainted with the proper names of the birds.

A full page of Sarah’s scrapbook of the pictures that Willis sent about the birds on Christmas Island. 1944.

We arrived back here just in time for the movie, so we went in to see what it was. There wasn’t any news reel, so after I found that it was “Pin Up Girl” I got up and left. I wish Hollywood would portray some things that would be challenging to soldiers rather than those things that only add to the lust and passion of those who do not know how to control themselves properly now. Captain Wilkinson didn’t like it either so we both came back to our individual quarters and wrote letters to our dear wives. Before starting this letter to you, I wrote a letter to the Red Cross to see if they would send some things down here that we need to keep up our recreational program for the men.

As per usual, news it scarce out here so I think I will close for tonight and try to get a good nights rest. From the looks of the things, tomorrow will be a busy day, so I had better try and get a good nights sleep. Remember Dear, I love you more each and every passing day. God bless you in all things and may you be a source of blessing to all who know you. Give Mom and the Chief my love.

Just yours I will ever be in the 

Love of Christ Jesus our Lord,


Colossians 3:3

P.S. I’m going to enclose the  V-mail letter that I received from Harold and Buena, I thought you might like to read it. Enclosed are some pictures and negatives one of the men gave me.

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