October 6, 1944

October 6, 1944

Sarah, My Dearest Darling:

I read your letters over again this evening and they mean so much to me. It seems each time I read them I find more in them to be thankful for. Lover, I will forever be grateful to the Lord for such a good wife as you are to me. It will probably be a while before we receive mail again, so in the meantime I will read your letters several times.

This has really been a busy day, for besides all the extra things, there were three problem cases to deal with. Someday I will tell you about them, it was enough to make you wonder how people could live that way. It was very hot today and this evening we had a little rain.

Now I will seek to answer a few of your questions and make a few comments on other things you said in some of your letters. Chaplain Mitchell likes his assignment in Oahu very much. He said he was glad that he no longer has to be assigned down here.

I think it would be nice for you to write my father and see if he wants to come back for Christmas. He would probably spend two or three days with you folks and then go out to Antioch, to visit the Pierces. If he should decide to go back on the trip, I think he should make his plans soon, for it may be rather difficult to get train transportation if you wait until too late before acquiring his tickets.

Sweetheart, I have looked at the pictures you sent me many times today and they mean more than you’ll ever know. I just love every one of the pictures you are on. I wish you knew how much they mean to me. By the way, I believe I met Mary Puccio somewhere, at least her picture looks very familiar. Do you know where she took her training? I’m so glad you are having a picture taken for a Christmas present for me. I knew the folks would groan when I asked for a picture, but that is what Bob and I would appreciate the most. Remember what you sent me last year, with the exception of the dog tag chain, is home in a trunk, some of it I have never had on and I don’t know when I ever will. I think it is too bad to tie up money in something you don’t need or ever use. If God so wills, I want to be able to have enough to buy all the things we need in our home, buy our car and have enough set aside for the expenses that will be attached with bringing our children into this world. As I have said before, it is very easy to throw away a lot of money in the Army on things that are nonessential. There are a good many men in the Army who are not saving one bit of money.

I remember when I took New Testament, the Maccabean period is very difficult, but it will be much more interesting when you get into the study of the Bible itself. If I were you, I would ask Dr. Mantey if the “The Apostle” might be classed as collateral. As I said to you in another letter, I believe you would find it quite helpful in your New Testament class. That was very kind of Dr. Mantey to offer you the use of some of his books. Be sure to greet him for me when you have the opportunity. Tell him if I can get a little time I will try to drop him a few lines.

I’m sure Gen will enjoy visiting Dr. Stiansen’s class with you. As you know, his classes were always an inspiration to me. We had to work hard but I always enjoyed him very much because he made history live.

Sarah Reed in Dr. Stiansen’s class. She is in the front left portion of the picture, looking at the camera.

I was surprised to hear about the method they used in reaching their desired quota for Rally Day. I, with you, agree it was very poor. Darling, from what I know and what you tell me, I cannot quite understand things anymore at North Shore. In spite of what Dr. Virgin did before leaving the church, I cannot help but feel there was more spirituality in the church then. The church has added a lot of members since Dr. Wilson came there, but for some reason or other there are some very large leaks somewhere. From all I can gather, I think the church breaks down when it comes to training new Christians and I believe it is entirely too easy for people to become members of the church. I don’t mean that as destructive criticism. But constantly that question comes up before me. There have been around 700 come into the church, but just where are all of them? That number in itself would fill that auditorium.

It was good to hear that Howard is on his way home and that he and Cleo will soon be married. I surely wish I could be there for the wedding. Cleo told me on one occasion that she wanted me to marry them if it all possible. I still remember when we left one of the things she said to me was, “Now you won’t be able to marry Howard and I.” She is a mighty fine girl and will make him a good wife. I do hope they keep up their church work and that they will take a real interest in the young people.

I was surprised to hear about the nice church John Raad has, I know he must be very happy. I was further surprised to hear that Mac has not gone into the Navy. Personally, I think you would be wise to stay out of it now. I think it would be much better if they try to get a church somewhere else now.

Carl Moller is not in the Army, he is a civilian engineer who inspects General Electric equipment at some of our ships out this way. When I saw him in Oahu, he had been there just about a week at that time. Louisa is singing at Dr. Bonnell’s church, (5th Avenue Presbyterian in New York City). She is doing other singing over the radio and other occasional places. He told me they had a very nice apartment and she is kept very busy with her singing.

Thank you for enclosing all the clippings, I enjoyed reading them very much. I’m not surprised at what Bob told you in his letter. This indispensable business is the vogue over here. I don’t get it, we are distinctly trained that we are to be ready to take any man’s place under combat conditions because no man is indispensable. This will truly be a chaotic world if only a few men could ever run it, we are seeking to destroy that philosophy  by smashing the power of the dictators. I think it is best described by saying the only consistency of the whole thing is the inconsistency.

Lover, it is late and I am tired so I will close for tonight. I will answer the rest of your questions in tomorrow’s letter. God bless you Dear in all things. I love you with all my heart forever.

Always and ever yours in Christ’s Love,


Colossians 3:3

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