October 5, 1943

October 5, 1943

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:-

I’m always so glad to read your letters because they warm my heart so much, and somehow or other they fill that lonesome spot. I’m very very busy but still, as my little old jeep speeds from battery to battery, I just reserve a little time to think of you Darling, and I say to myself, “thank you Lord for your little girl who daily grows sweeter and more precious.” Then I say, Lord, I know she’s yours but she’s mine too because I’m yours and you’ve told me what’s yours is mine. And you know Lord, you are giving me such a wonderful wife and companion, and Lord help me to give more of myself to you so you will be able to give “your little girl” a better husband and companion. That’s the way I talk to the Lord.  He’s such a wonderful counsellor, and reminds me, Willis, do you really want to be a better husband? “All right then, just give me a little more room in your heart. There are several old fixtures that should be moved out, as for instance, pride, criticism, lack of love.” You see Willis, I cannot make my abode in such a place. You’ve asked me to come I know, but if I’m to abide they must go.

Perhaps I’ve rambled and said nothing that makes you see what I mean. But Dear, I still say and always will, “You’re His little girl, and God in His great love gave you to me to make my life, which was desert to bloom as the rose. Again I say, “All is changed when Jesus comes,” and praise His Holy Name He’s coming again. Perhaps we will be apart when He comes but Darling, in the twinkling of an eye when the last trump shall sound I’ll meet you with the millions gathered from the ends of the earth, and together we will join the great Heavenly host singing after the question in Heaven “Worthy is the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.” And sweetheart, the greatest joy of it all, we will be one in Christ for the ages of the ages. And there shall be no parting there because God’s plan will be complete and He himself shall be our all in all. You are such a precious possession, you make me realize more and more that Heaven can be had right here amidst all the heartache of mankind. Darling, you make John 10:10  more precious all the time. You make it possible for me to draw all ready on God’s riches in Glory. I could go on but I want you to know Dear, you are my most precious earthly possession, and not earthly either, only in the sense that you’re in the flesh. God be Praised.

Army Nurse administers vaccinations. Date unknown.

I spent most of the morning calling at different gun positions, with the exception of the time when I called at the medical Headquarters for the shots I’m in line to take. They vaccinated me for smallpox and typhoid. There are three shots for this, this happens to be the first. My arm (right) is a little sore but not bad. I’m to go back in four or five days for another shot of typhoid, and then I’ll probably start a series on tetanus or malaria or maybe yellow fever.

Immediately after dinner, my assistant and I left for Fort McArthur where the men of our unit are in the hospital.We called on 23 men. What an experience. As I walk down the wards of beds looking for our men, I sometimes think I’m dreaming. As I walk by the beds of those men who are able to see, I always smile and speak and they seem to enjoy it. I often think I’d like to know their needs, but time forbids, and besides, they have two or three chaplains assigned to the hospital. All I can say is, thank you Lord for this privilege.

All are different in some respect it seems. One of the men from one of our gun positions went out on a 24 hour pass starting yesterday noon. He went to a night club (only a glorified hell-hole of a saloon – as for me they are all that), and while there, he started loving and fooling around some man’s wife and he came in and found them and picked up something (the soldier doesn’t seem to remember) and hit the soldier and caved his right side in and injured his spine somehow or other. He was writhing in pain while I was there and hardly knew what to say. That happened about 4 o’clock this morning. He was due back at noon today, so on returning to headquarters I stopped by his gun position and told his commanding officers so he would not be charged with A.W.O.L., meaning a dishonorable discharge and maybe a lot more. All I can say is this, I see trouble looming ahead in this case. DRINK – the trouble, terror, pain and heartache it brings only God can know. Since Friday, this glorified refresher and social measuring stick (that is in some people minds) has caused two of our men to be snatched into Eternity with or without salvation, and has caused 7 or 8 of the men of our unit to be confined to the hospital. I could tell you of another case that would break your heart, but I will refrain from doing so. People, including soldiers without Christ, are like cars traveling down the highway of life without drivers.

I was going to say something else about my fellow worker, but instead I’ll ask the Lord “to let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me.” After all, what the world needs is not criticism, but it does need Jesus and how can it have Him except through those as well who profess to be ordained and called of Him.

I have to give a sex morality lecture to one group of men Friday and another group next Tuesday.

Darling, for some reason or other my pay has been mixed up, but as soon as my check comes I’ll send you as much as I can.

Yes, go ahead and pay my back pledge and keep it up. I’m glad you pledged $2 a month. Why don’t you cancel mine and make ours three dollars a month together. I’ve made arrangements for five services this Sunday, and as soon as copies come out to be placed at the bulletin boards around the various gun positions I’ll send you a copy.

Dear, I have a lot more to do before going to bed so I’ll close now ,but Precious remember this, I love you more all the time.

Just keep on growing more like our Wonderful Lord and Savior.

In Him I am forever yours Dear,

With All My Love,


II Timothy 2:24-26

Col 3:1-4 and Proverbs 31:10-31

P.S. Enclosed is a cartoon I found and thought the Chief might enjoy. Give them my love and best wishes.

P.S. In reading this I find I made mistakes because of hurry, but I think you’ll be able to make it out well enough to know what I mean.

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