October 31, 1945

Keijo (Seoul), Korea

31 October 1945

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

At last we have come to the end of another month and we are at least one month nearer to the time when we can be together again. There wasn’t any mail today and naturally I didn’t expect any after the feast we have had on mail the last 3 or 4 days. A couple of times during the day I read some of your last letters over to refuel me. Your letters do refuel me but they cannot compare with the wonderful refueling you always provided when we were together. It will be so good to pray, talk and plan together again. No matter how hard I try, there are always things which you cannot talk over in the letter very satisfactorily. Always one of the greatest joys of loving and being yours was the joy of talking over things nearest our hearts.

  This has been another nightmare of a day. I lost track of how many times I was interrupted sometime before 10 o’clock, and since then gave up in despair. I prepared that headache of a  report for the month of October and will have it ready to start through channels early in the morning. You may be interested to know that our Bible class averaged a little over 15 for October. And the services for both morning and evening on Sunday averaged 91. The morning service is always much larger. So that isn’t too bad with our men scattered as they are. This coming month will probably be worse than ever with all the proposed changes coming up. Things are in such a constant change that you cannot possibly plan ahead with any of your work.

  For a while this afternoon I studied and then took care of a couple of court-martial cases, and then a couple more problem cases came up so the afternoon was gone before I could realize it. After having something to eat, I came over to the office and studied a few moments prior to time for our midweek service. I used as my scripture: Acts 20:28-35. The title of my sermon was, “Out of Control.”  I’ll tell you about it sometime, Beloved. For some reason or other I’m so tired and weary tonight and I can hardly keep going but I want to write you some kind of a letter. Please forgive me for my poor letters when they come through, sometimes I’m pretty tired when I write them. Remember, don’t say cut them short, for after all I don’t want to be deprived of loving you and writing to you is the only way I can express my love to you in this time of our separation.

 Immediately following the services this evening, I came over here and was interrupted for a long time. But I wanted to write a letter to the Hollys thanking them for their present. It wasn’t such a good letter but I wanted them to know that I received their gift and appreciated their love and thoughtfulness.

The Muellers (John and Sherry) from East Moline.

Now to make a few comments on some of your letters. It was nice that you got to see John and Sherry while they were in Chicago on their way to West Coast. I do hope they get to meet the Hollys when they are out there. It is rather difficult to find out for sure if Alrik is here in Korea yet. If he is, I’m afraid it is clear down at Fusan, which is over two hundred and some miles south of here. With 12 points for their baby he will have more points than I have, even though I have been overseas longer and have had much more combat with frontline troops. In fact, Alrik had no combat experience with frontline troops. I think he may have a chance to leave before I do because they are breaking up a lot of the hospital units, I don’t know whether his will be but there is a possibility and it will mean he may have an opportunity to go home pretty soon.

Darling, you’ve been having a time with your boy’s class. But I’m quite sure you are giving them something very much worthwhile. You would probably be surprised to know just how much they are learning. Darling, you know you can always be assured of my prayer in your behalf as you work for the Lord. It will be so good when we can work together again and pray together again.

  Doesn’t Bob and Margie ever go to church? If they have, you have never mentioned it in any of your letters so far. I’m sorry they are neglecting such things as they start out on their married life together. Perhaps you’ve just failed to mention it in your letters. However, I have a feeling they have been neglecting spiritual things a bit, and I am going to pray that they don’t put off too long going to some kind of services at least once or twice a week.

  Sweetheart, your little Willie will just have to say good night for this night. God bless you in all things, and remember, I love you more than ever.

With all of my love in Christ’s

 Abiding love,


 Colossians 3:3

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