October 31, 1944

October 31, 1944

 My Dearest Darling:

Well, October will soon be over and it is one last month we will have to be apart now. Where you are it is already November. As for me, the day when we can be together can come none too soon to suit me. I have learned many important things I’m sure, but in my heart there will always be an ache that reminds me we are separated. Sweetheart, if I were the angel Gabriel I would not be able to tell you how much I love you and how much I miss you. This I know, it is all joy to be one with you in the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. If God so wills, I look forward to the future with a bright hope as we work side-by-side for Him who loved us and redeemed us with His shed blood.

This has been one of those days when you have not been able to accomplish very much even though you tried to in several different ways. Early this morning, a radiogram came in about a certain problem one of our soldiers has, I have been working on the case for some time, but have not been able to accomplish all that I had hoped. The radiogram informed me that there was a letter to follow and I’m hoping that the contents of this letter will help straighten out the problem between the soldier and his wife. It is one of those cases where everything was going along very well until about 2 1/2 months ago. His wife now wants a divorce and this soldier doesn’t know why and his wife has made no attempt to explain. It just says she doesn’t love him anymore and it is better if they get a divorce. In the last letter he received from her about two months ago, she said I will be glad to pay for the divorce if you will just sign the papers when they come. And she further threatened that if he won’t give her a divorce now she will get one as soon as he gets back to the States. She also said she wasn’t going to write anymore. Perhaps you will think that this is terrible and it is, but that is mild to some of the problem cases I have dealt with down here. I cannot tell you about these cases now, but some day I will. Darling, each one of these cases makes me realize more than ever that God has been so very good to me to let me have the privilege of being your husband. Often I think of this little thought, “except for the grace of God this case could be Sarah and Willis.” Darling, we have everything to be thankful for and upon our shoulders rests a great responsibility to make known to man the way that God would have them to live. Let us pray that our lives as one in Christ will be a living testimony of what God can do with a couple who are yielded to Him.

There wasn’t a lot of time before dinner, but what time I did have I decided to do some reading. After dinner, I came back to my quarters and did some more reading. I also took the opportunity to do a little cleaning up around my quarters.

After supper, Captain Wilkinson and I took a long walk along the beach. The breakers were really rolling in over the reef and making a lot of noise. Last night the breakers made more noise than I have ever heard them make before. While walking along the beach, we picked up several very interesting shells. When I send home the next box to you I will enclose the shells in the box.

We returned from the beach just when the moon came up over the horizon, it was truly an impressive sight. The sunset was very pretty this evening, first the clouds were a beautiful molten gold, then rosy red and just before dark a royal blue and purple.

When I came to my quarters, I decided to mount the last pictures you sent me. I think every one of them is very good. My album is filling up and I appreciate the pictures so much more than you realize. That makes me think, did you ever have the painting framed? I don’t believe you ever told me.

I read part of your letters over and made a few notes on things I wanted to comment about, so here goes. First, I am glad to know you have found a book that will help you with your thesis. From what you told me about the book, it sounds very good. I have read several things by the author of the book and always did enjoy her work.

I’m glad to know that Maurice and Edith enjoyed the letter I wrote to them. Thank Edith for doing what I asked her to do. They are surely good friends to have. And I am happy that you’re having the privilege of working with them. The prayer meeting that Maurice had sound very good, I like some of the things he said in his message.

I can hardly wait until your picture arrives. I know I will like it very much. It will be very good to have a picture of Mom and the Chief. You can be assured that is one Christmas package I am looking forward to. Please don’t worry about sending me anything else for Christmas. If you knew how hard it is to travel and move with a certain amount of weight you would understand what I mean. With my additional communion equipment and chaplain supplies my problem is even more difficult. It is different when you are assigned permanently to an outfit, but from all indications I will be reassigned in the near future and that means I will have to travel with a certain weight limit. Just think of me, I am not able to send you hardly anything. It will be up to you to get it out of the money order I sent you a couple of weeks ago. Several people have indicated the fact that they have sent me Christmas packages, so I’ll probably have to make up another box and mail some things back to you. The Riley’s in Boston have sent me a package. By the way, I sent them three necklaces today in appreciation of all the good things they have done for me. Remember Dear, you are the most wonderful gift I could ever have and I know you are mine and I am yours forever in the love of the Lord.

From what you told me in your letter, the annual meeting at North Shore must have been very good. I always have liked Dr. Johnson, his message sounded very good and it must have been challenging. I do hope the coming year will bring a deeper spiritual experience in the church as a whole.

I never did meet Chaplain Goe, but from what you told me he must be a very good man. It was good to know he knew Chaplain Cavender. I don’t believe I told you but Chaplain Cavender has returned to the Mainland on an emergency furlough. I do hope his wife is improving. Let us continue to pray for them.

More pictures from the memorial service of October 29, 1944.

Darling, I am doing my best to take care of my teeth. I always wash them and use dental floss all the time. I’m glad to know your teeth are all right.

Raymond does not play the field organ and of course I wish he did, but he more than makes up for it in other ways. In the first place, it is difficult to keep a field organ in shape down here because of so much damp weather.

Concerning Christmas greetings, I think it would be better for each of us to write a little message and incorporate it into a printed sheet we will send to our friends. Personally, I think that will mean more than a Christmas card because they are personal. I will write my part of it is soon as possible. And then you can add your message. If you think there ought to be some changes, feel free to do so.

Sweetheart, how can I ever fail to not think of our future home, church, and family. There is hardly a day that goes by that I don’t think about all of them. And every day, I think about at least one of them. I will be so very grateful to our God to be in our home with you again. Won’t it be grand when we can be looking for the arrival of our children? I do hope this will soon be over. I know my own anxious spirit desires its end but more than that, I can’t help but think of the sorrow and suffering of people all over the world because of this war.

My Dear, it is late and I am tired for some reason or other so I think I will say good night. God bless you and may you grow in wisdom and beauty as did Christ. Give the folks my love.

Yours forever in the Love of Christ,


Colossians 3:3

Ruth 1:16, 17

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