October 28, 1944

October 28, 1944

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

It is very late and I am tired, but I do want to take enough time to let you know I love you more tonight than ever I have before. God be praised for His goodness and permitting me the privilege of being one with you for all eternity. As before, we had planes but no mail. There is the happy thought that there are many on the way. When I think of you I cannot help the filled with joy. I long so to be with you again and as for me that day can come none too soon.

This morning, Raymond and I spent most of the morning preparing for the memorial service we are going to have tomorrow morning. There was a detail of men who helped us get things ready. I also showed the sergeant of the firing squad where I thought it would be best for him to stand for his part in the service. If all goes well, there will be some pictures taken and if they turn out all right I will send you a picture so you have some idea of what the service looked like.

Willis’ assistant – Raymond Cox opening coconuts. 1944.

Oh! By the way, we had some more to do with a problem I mentioned in yesterday’s letter but from all indications it is all settled now. Captain Wilkinson and I talked to Timete about some problems he was facing. Timete is really a very intelligent young man. When I seen men like him, I see the old idea of superior races exploded completely.

This afternoon, Raymond and I took care of some other things pertaining to the services for tomorrow. I came back to my quarters around 3:30 and went over my message for this evening again. About 4 o’clock we left here for the farm. We had supper with the men down there and then I helped the men milk this evening. We listened to the news by shortwave and after that was over we had our service. They were nine there this evening. I spoke on the first eight verses of the sixth chapter of Isaiah. I developed the theme along the line of learning to know our God through the Lord Jesus Christ.

After services were over, we visited for quite some time and in the meantime Carl, Vi’s husband, prepared some things for us all to eat. It all looked very good but I don’t like to eat late at night because often it will keep me awake. And I wanted to be as fresh as possible for the services tomorrow.

Lover, in that it is so late tonight I am going to close, I realize this is almost a newsless letter, but under circumstances like these you are limited in what is wise to say. But let that never interfere with the fact that I love you with all my heart and life and I am longing to be with you as soon as the Lord sees fit.

Yours only I ever want to be in

 The love of Christ,


Colossians 3:3

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