October 23, 1945

Keijo (Seoul), Korea

24 October 1945

Sarah, My Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

Another day and no mail, they are certainly forgetting all about the troops over here in Korea. The ATC goes to Japan and I cannot understand why they cannot fly into Korea. I have several Red Cross cases that I haven’t heard from and I sent for investigations almost 6 weeks ago but all of our mail missing in September may account for no replies. These poor fellows with sad news at home and no mail is definitely a morale factor. So about ten o’clock I left here and walked to Division Headquarters to see the Inspector General and I put in a complaint concerning the mail situation. I told him that men scattered all over on lonely outposts drawing tiresome guard duty needed the comfort that comes with the arrival of letters from home and loved ones. And then further I cited to him the problem of Red Cross cases I have and the long delay and no response to them either by wire or mail. After talking to him for about 15 minutes he promised me that he would investigate and see what he could do about some immediate action through Corps to MacArthur’s headquarters in Japan. That took until noon, I walked all the way over and all the way back. It is so hard to get transportation so I decided I would walk over and forget about the trouble.

MacArthur Signing formal surrender papers of Japan. September 1945.

As soon as we had something to eat, Chaplin Vogel, his assistant, Don and I left here for one of the outpost companies to have services for them. They were 15 men in attendance and I spoke on the first 10 verses of the 15th chapter of John. We got back here after four o’clock so I just started to do a little studying when in came another fellow to see me. By the time he was taken care of, I had to go over to my quarters and clean up for supper. Having have supper I hurried over to our Bible class. There were 16 men in attendance this evening.

  We had rather long class this evening because we were discussing some things which the fellas wanted to continue on even though it was late. As soon as the class was over, I came over here and wrote a short letter to J. Hoffman Cohn, which I am enclosing in this letter for you to read and to have you send a gift of $10 to their work. I believe it is a worthy cause. I’m enclosing in this letter Arthur Mitchell’s last letter, along with the letter and announcement of those who are going to speak at the Dedication Services. You will enjoy reading them I’m sure. As you will note, they are certainly having some fine men for their Dedication Services.

  I was certainly sorry to hear about the trouble at Buena and how things seem to be going. I too love Dr. Hepburn but it seems he doesn’t want to give up. I’m hoping it will not cause too much trouble while they are trying to decide upon an assistant. It is a sure thing they need a good man to step into his place. It is apparent that things have just been going along for the last few years. They must get out and reach into the community around the church. I shall make it a matter of prayer.

  We were short chaplains when we came up here and we are more short than ever now. I certainly hope they get some new chaplains in here to relieve us. Darling, I’ve had services in almost every kind of place you can imagine. I’ll tell you about some of the places when I come home. You were wondering what kind of a building my sleeping quarters are in. Right now I’m sleeping in a building which used to be an old at Japanese Quartermaster warehouse. It isn’t much to talk about but at least it has a floor and the sides are not always flapping and blowing like the tents I’ve lived in for quite a while. 

Lover, I would like to write you a longer letter but it is still very late and for some reason or other I am very tired. God bless you and be sure to give the folks my deepest love.

 Forever and ever your husband

  and Sweetheart in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3

 P.S. Also enclosed find Connie’s last letter and Dr. Hepburn’s.

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