October 22, 1944

October 22, 1944

My Beloved Darling:

I have thought of you many times today, it seems you grow more precious every time I think of you which is often every day and night. I suppose you were very busy today as you are every Lord’s day. Often I try to imagine what you are doing at certain times during the day. It always seems that a part of me is missing. I’m very grateful to God that we are so much a part of one another. 

Early this morning I read my Bible as well as my devotional reading. At 11 o’clock I attended the services at the Coast Chapel. I was really surprised to see the small group there. With all the men there are here, the attendance was very small. When I compare the attendance of the service this morning with our services down there, I don’t feel quite so bad.

The Bible carried by Willis throughout the war.

After eating I returned to my quarters and did some more reading. I called Chaplain Brown and had a good visit with him. We had planned on being together tomorrow but I’m supposed to leave here by plane tonight so our visit is out for this time. Later, I visited with a chaplain by the name of Swenson. He attended Augustine Seminary at Rock Island, Illinois.

This evening Carl Anderson and I had planned on going to Olivet Baptist Church together. I met him and we left for the church immediately. It was so good to hear good singing again along with an organ. By the way, Carl played the organ for the evening services. Reverend and Mrs. Victor Moon know Dr. and Mrs. Kohler and asked me to have you greet them. They graduated from Baylor and Southwestern. Until war broke out, they were missionaries in Manchuria. After eating services they invited Carl, his brother, two other chaplains and myself for a supper which was very very good. You see, evening service begin at 6 o’clock on account of the curfew regulations. It was so good to have nice home cooked food again. They are surely fine Christians.

Carl is going to be able to see his wife and baby this next week. I am so happy for him, he told me just before we parted tonight. The reason I am so happy for him is because I know just how glad I would be if I could come back to you, Dear.

I will surely be happy when this war is over and we can return to those we love and cherish.

Sweetheart, I have been thinking about my father and the vacation we are going to give him. You may send him a money order from us for $50. And tell him to make his reservations as soon as possible for going back. In looking at my little calendar, I think it would be a good idea for him to plan on leaving Lincoln, Nebraska on 20th December. I’ll write a letter to him also and you can write him and tell him what your plans are for Christmas. Darling, it would be so good to be there with you, but if God so wills perhaps we can be together next year at Christmas time.

I will have to close for now because I must pack my bag for they will be here to pick it up and load it on the plane most anytime.

Darling, I love you with all my heart and life in Christ. God bless you, Dear.


Colossians 3:3

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