October 21, 1945

Keijo (Seoul), Korea 

21 October 1945

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

Another Lord’s day is past and it was a very very busy one. Since dawn this morning until this very minute I’ve been on the go. I had hoped there would be some mail today but no go. Some of your letters to me are now a month old and the one of August 22nd will be 2 months old tomorrow.

Willis leading communion for a small group.

This morning we really had a nice group in attendance – it is the largest group I’ve had in quite some time. Thank you for your prayer Beloved, for I know it helped me to no end in the service.  I could feel the Lord’s presence and I know you had held me up on strong arms of prayer. None made professions but several came to me following the service and made comments. The Korean doctor came to the service again this morning and following the service we visited for almost 45 minutes. We prepared an order of service for our morning service. I’m enclosing one for you, Dear. I thought you might like to read it. Shortly after he left (the Korean doctor), a soldier came in to see me about a problem that took until dinner time. Having had my noon meal – I came back here with all good intentions of writing some letters. Between many interruptions, I finally managed to get one letter written before suppertime and that was to Arthur Mitchell.  I know it is a hodgepodge letter but I did my best under the existing circumstances. It is hard to write when you are constantly being interrupted.

Two men came to see me about problems in the afternoon which took quite some time. I was then interrupted several more times by others who came in to see me. We have a quite a group of men leaving this week and a lot of them came in to say goodbye.

By the way, in making out the order of service, Don forgot to include the announcement about our evening service. Ordinarily, we would have had only a regular evening worship service but are quite a few of the men who are leaving this week said they would like to  has one more communion service before they left. So this evening we had a communion service. I spoke on the one word, “Love,”  using as my scripture I Corinthians 13. There were 54 in attendance and it turned out very well in every way. I had four of the fine Christian men help me during the presenting of the elements. All of the men who helped are leaving this week.

As soon as the service was over, Don and I came over and washed all the communion equipment. Which of course took some time. I  always polish the set at the same time and that way it keeps from tarnishing so easily.

While we were washing the communion ware, three more men came in to see me before their departures. They said some very gracious things. I only wish you could have heard what they said. If I’ve been of help to them I am thankful to the Lord and only pray and hope to be more yielded so I can be further useful to our Wonderful Lord. Darling, I only wish I could tell you how much you helped me in that respect, for after all, the privilege and joy of being your husband is a challenge and inspiration which constantly fills me with an inner compulsion which drives me on to do my very very best for Christ because we are one in Him.

As soon as they left I wrote a short note to my Grandmother and Connie. And now I’m writing to the one I love the most and best of all. Darling, no matter how much I tell you that I love you, it doesn’t even scratch the surface when it comes to letting you know just how much you mean to me and how much I love you. However, thank you again for being such a wonderful Christian wife. Beloved, it is so very late so I will close for tonight and answer more of your letters in tomorrow evening’s letter. God bless you Dearest in all things.

 I am just yours forever in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3

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