October 21, 1943

October 21, 1943

Dearest  Darling Sweetheart:-

Well, no letter from my lover in either the morning or afternoon mail. I’m on your “heart wave length”, and you are telling me that you love me more than ever so what more could a man ask than that. Darling, you’re so precious and my hearts a singing so because you’re such a wonderful little girl. We are Christ’s and each other’s so what more could anyone ask for. Just think all of the resources of God’s are ours, only help us Lord to use them in such a way that more glory and honor will be brought to thy name.

Dear, I’m not sure whether I told you or not but yesterday I sent Stan and Letha $10.00 as a little something from the Lord via us. I’m sure they can use it and I know it is an investment in a most worthy cause.

Signal Hill oil fields. 1943

Our maneuvers went off very well last night. I was an umpire with the infantry as they came up over Signal Hill, where all the oil wells are. I spent most of the morning preparing for services Sunday. And also thought a little on my message to the young people at the First Baptist Long Beach.

You remember the young man I told you about who deserted the Army last December. They had his Court Martial this morning and he was given 25 years at hard labor. He called for me this afternoon and I went down to see him. He was naturally very heavy hearted. They locked me in with him and I spent about two glorious hours with him. Time does not permit me telling you the whole story now. I put the whole thing before telling him of all that he would have to go through etc. It was wonderful and the joy that fills my heart cannot even be expressed in words. After explaining all to him and telling him the reasons for what has happened and the fact that God let this happen to him, I asked him about being a Christian. He said yes. We knelt together, he prayed his confession asked for help in understanding His word. I prayed later with him and no fooling, if heaven is like this it made me feel I surely will enjoy being there. A new soul has been born again. He said he felt different and he really looked like it. He leaves tomorrow for prison, but has promised to write to me. Dear, pray for him. God needs Christians in prison too.

Well Lover, because of loads of work I must close for now but Precious you grow sweeter and dearer to me by the hour.

In Him I am forever Yours,

With All my love,


John 1:12-13

Col 3:3

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  • Dan Reed
    October 24, 2017, 8:40 am

    I’m sure that Dad’s experience of leading a single soul to the Lord meant more to him than the accolades he received while being part of the program with the high ranking officials. I pray that I may have that same desire to bring others to the Lord.

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