October 20, 1945

Keijo (Seoul), Korea 

20 October 1945

Sarah, My Darling Wife:

The ribbon on our typewriter is so very poor that I think I’ll write this letter by hand this evening. We’ve had such a hard time getting one, but are requisition ought to soon be filled. There wasn’t any kind of first class mail today but I read your precious letters of yesterday over again twice during the day. And I’ve had your lovely picture with me all day and I’ve looked at it many times. I have it about one foot in front of me right now, so I can look at it when I’m thinking. “You id toe tweet and I wof you more dan ever and ever.” If someone should read that they will think I have bats in the belfry, but it is just to let you know I haven’t in any sense of the word forgotten our own special love talk. In fact, you would probably be surprised to know how often I think of all those precious things which we used to say to one another. They are our own, are they not Dear?

I came over early this morning and worked on my sermon most of the morning. I was interrupted a couple of times by men who came in to see me about some problems they had.

After having had my dinner I came back here, read my Bible and had my devotions. Another soldier (a young man who has reconsecrated his life to the Lord), came in to see me about some things concerning his Bible study. He is certainly taking an interest and I want to do all I can to encourage and help him. He was here almost an hour. And just before he left, Don brought in two packages of books (Haley’s Pocket  Bible Handbook) from the Galilean class. There were fifteen so I presented one to him. I hope it helps him and leads him to greater faith. Most of the others are all promised to men who are really interested in Bible study. I only present it to those who are really interested and want to study God’s word.

Gen Vogel with her boys at the Dunes. 1945.

By the way, this morning I got a chance to get a hold of some silk (white) and rayon (powder blue).  They were selling it at what I thought it reasonable price. I didn’t have the money but they said they would hold some for me. You had to buy it in 30 yard bolts. I thought you could make several things (such as slips and under clothes out of the silk) and then give Mom, Gen Vogel or anyone else you wanted to have some. And then you and Mom can decide about the rayon material. The price was $10 for thirty yards of silk and $8 for 30 yards of rayon. Maybe I’m foolish, I don’t know but that seemed like a good buy to me. Do you think it is? Of course, that is difficult for you to say not seeing it. I’ve bargained for it now so I hope I didn’t do something foolish, but it did seem like a good buy. Now here’s the catch, I don’t have the money and it is a little uncertain when we will be paid. So if it’s not too much trouble send me a money order (that is the easiest to cash, a lot of red tape otherwise) for $25 and the extra I’ll use for postage. Don’t send any more for in the meantime I may be paid. I hope I didn’t do something foolish, but it seems like a good buy. When I get back I’m going to have you teach me how to know good material.

Lover, about 4 o’clock I went over to my quarters and did some sewing. I also sewed two Division patches on my new winter clothing. You don’t know it, but you watched right out of two pictures as I sewed, one your latest picture, and the other, your good picture of last Christmas. I know it wasn’t as good a job as my sweetie could do, but I did my best. You seemed to give me your approval out of the pictures.

As soon as supper was over I came back over here, picked up my Bible and left for our Bible class. There were 16 in attendance, we finished John the 6th chapter and had a blessed time. Some of the men visited with me for a long while. It is late and I’m going to close for tonight. I want to be fit for tomorrow. God bless you, my Darling.

 I’m yours alone in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3

P.S. Enclosed a letter I received from Kitty.

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