October 2, 1944

October 2, 1944

Sarah, My Dearest:

Another long and lonesome day for there was no mail to help break the routine. I had hoped there would be planes today but none came in, so that left us without mail for another day. It seems that our mail situation runs on a feast or famine basis. We have a feast and then a famine. In traveling around to the various areas to see the men today, the first thing all of them asked me, were we going to get any mail today. I know you will miss letters now for several days because we haven’t had any mail leave the island either. When there are no planes that means no mail leaves the island.

This morning I worked on my monthly report first thing, and I found when the totals are added up, it was one of the best months I have had since being in the Army as a chaplain. Just as I was about to finish this report, Mr. Williams and Timete came to me to see if I could type up their payroll for the month of September. I did have several other things I had planned to do but I decided to help them, especially for Timete’s sake. I’ll tell you all about it some day, Dear. I finished typing it about 2:45 this afternoon. As soon as it was finished, I drove Mr. Williams back down to the native village. It was all very new for me for I was figuring in pounds, shillings and pence. Mr. Williams had made an error in figuring and as a result, it through the final figures out of balance. While I did the typing, Raymond helped him find the error.

Newspaper from October 2, 1944 

It has really been a very hot day here. The air seemed close and very warm. Tonight it is very still. It is one of the stillest nights I can remember here on the island. We can hear a few crickets here and there, and of course the distant roar of the tide and waves breaking on the coral reef.

After supper this evening, Raymond, Captain Wilkinson and I took a long ride in my jeep. The sunset was very beautiful this evening, I know you would have enjoyed it. Whenever I say such things, I think of you because we have have enjoyed those things together on so many occasions. There were a few white clouds in the east and they seemed to reflect the beautiful rosy red of the sun which had slipped below the horizon. We stayed out by the shore for some time and watched the moon rise, which was a pretty sight on the ocean. I looked off in your direction several times and thought how good it would be to be there with you. Unless you were up too late, you were in bed with your little head buried in the pillow sound asleep. We get lonesome down here, but it does help to think that way sometimes.

Lover, there is nothing more of interest, so I will close for this evening. What I might say would sound like complaining but I’m not going to say it. We will get along somehow or other down here. God bless you Dear in all things. Be sure to give my love to the folks.

Always just yours Sweetheart in the 

Love of Christ, 


Colossians 3:3

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