October 7, 1944

October 7, 1944

Sarah, My Dearest Darling Wife:

Well, another day of service down here is over, Darling, and one more day that we don’t have to spend apart, praise the Lord! It is surely good to love you so unreservedly, Dear. It is so good to be just yours, Darling, and especially since we are one in Him. This has been a very busy day but I am always glad for that because it seems to help the time slip by. Really, I enjoy being busy all the time. Several of the things that made my day so busy are sad and I would rather not have such problems on account of the men involved, but that is where my work comes in for the Lord and perhaps by His leading and watching for opportunities I may be able to lead them to Christ. Sweetheart, words can never describe to you the joy which is mine in having you for my wife and companion. You are the grandest and dearest wife any man could ever hope to have. 

I’m sure you know my feelings concerning the boogie-woogie affair. I realize the dancing is accepted most everywhere, but I do not think it should be tolerated in the Lord’s house. If it should ever happened in my presence, I would politely asked them not to do it, for after all, there are times and places to do certain things.

From what you’ve told me in all your letters so far, I can see that you do not quite understand Dr. Mason’s method in teaching. From what you have told me, I cannot fully understand his approach either. I’m only sorry you did not have the privilege of having Dr. Smith for your teacher in Christian Education. He is really tops in that field. I had the privilege of taking two courses under him. I believe that doctrinal preaching is most important, but I believe the laity also has an important part to play, for after all, our break down comes because we are not remembering one of the most important emphasis of the Apostle Paul, and that is the fact that we are preachers to edify the people. Personally, I believe the Great Commission was given to all men everywhere regardless of race, social standing, or calling. For after all, some of the most effective servants of the Lord have been people who witnessed for Christ by what the Lord has done for them in their individual lives.

I’m sorry to hear that Dolores has such a tendency to be gloomy. When I write to her I shall try to encourage her not to be so gloomy. I’ll count on you to do the same thing. I was surprised to hear that Sarah Coyne is going to be a nurse. I imagine she will make a very good one.

From what you told me in your letter, the shell show which Ruth Reid had you put on was a success. I will be sending you another box in the near future and there will be some necklaces in there for some of our friends. I’m glad Emma liked her necklace. Her letter indicated the fact that she appreciated it very much.

Norman Thomas – Minister and six time presidential candidate for president for the socialist party. 

I was listening to a good symphonic radio program by shortwave when they cut in on the program and reported that Wendell Wilkie has just passed away in New York City. That was surely a great surprise to me, I didn’t even know that he had been sick. They didn’t tell how old he was, but if I remember correctly, he was only between 50 and 55. I was so surprised to hear what Florence Arnold told you. I cannot quite see this for the common man business. I cannot for the life of me see why people will ignore facts. I have heard two of Dewey’s speeches and have thought both were very good. I like him because he doesn’t resort to remarks, he state facts. I believe he is sincere, I was surprised to hear you say you might vote for Norman Thomas, in case you do that you might as well vote for who you said you wouldn’t vote for, after all, part of the strategy of this present campaign is to keep the people on the fence. Each one who says, I just don’t know is almost a counter for the other side. Many a battle on the field has been lost because the Commander of an Army said, “Well, I don’t know”. Any General who knows his business will tell you it is better to plan to defend or start an offensive some way or other even though you may fail momentarily. Our great breakthrough in Normandy was entirely because the enemy didn’t know where and how we were going to hit, and as a result, they were not adequately prepared for any kind of defense. Personally, I think the fate of the whole election is in the hands of those who are not fully informed and are saying a change would be good, but not right now when we are at war, and also those who are saying I don’t know. Darling, you and I are living in days of important history, for these next few months will bring to us new surprises and movements which will change almost entirely the face of things as we know them. In the whole world will feel the impact of these changes, that is why I believe the church must be prepared by all means. If you could see and hear some of the things I do, you would understand what I mean by the above statement. The transition from war to peace is going to be a problem and that will call for wisdom and ability beyond that of man. And that is where the church comes in. Last month I had 47 cases which will mean there will be a social revolution the like of which history has never known in so short a time.

Darling, I am very proud of the grade you got in Christian Education. Keep up the good work, but please don’t impair your health in anyway. After all, that comes first in our service together for the King of Glory. I do hope you’ll be able to pick out your thesis soon so you can get started and be picking up the information as you go along. It will make it much easier for you if you do it right away. I wish you had part of it finished already, for your school work will keep you busy as I can see. Please don’t try and take on too much.

I was glad to hear that you had such a good visit with my grandmother. I think it does her good to have you call her now and then, I only pray and hope that our lives together in Christ will be a testimony to them. I wish they would not worry about sending me anything for Christmas. I think that I would like most is a picture of them. If you should see them tell them that for me.

Thank you for the illustration that John used in your B.Y.F., I think it is very good. Perhaps I will be able to use it some time.

I’m glad that you gave Stan and Letha the money from us. It is a real privilege to help such fine Christians as they are. If she is working because they don’t have enough money, tell them that we will be able to help them, for after all, what we are earning now is the Lord’s and I want to invest it in things that will bring the most returns for the cause of Christ.

I have just heard that Kendal North, a friend of mine, has been given a medical discharge from the United States Army as a Chaplain. He was in the class at Harvard that followed our graduation last September 25th. I still don’t know what the reason was, but I know he is no longer serving in the Army as a Chaplain.

Sweetheart, it is very late and I am tired so I think it will close, I still want to do some more thinking on my message for tomorrow. I love you with all my heart, Darling. God bless you in all things and be sure to give my love to the folks.

It is so good to be just yours

In the love of our Lord Jesus,


Colossians 3:3

P.S. I have just heard a rebroadcast of Dewey’s speech given at Portland, Oregon and I think it was very good. Perhaps you’ve heard the message yourself.

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