October 17, 1944

October 17, 1944

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

Is surely is hot here tonight. It has just been raining and I feel like I’m sitting in a steam bath. I suppose it is nice and cool back there. It is hard to realize that cooler weather is in the offing for you. One of these days I’ll probably get a letter from you telling me you just had your first snow flurries.

Early this morning I did some things I wanted to get out of the way before leaving. We took off at noon and arrived here this evening. Ill not be able to tell you where I’m headed for until I arrive there. We had a very good flight, we only had a little rough weather for about a half hour. Someday I’ll tell you all about it. Of course, there are a lot of things I could think of telling you but they will have to wait until we are together again someday.

Willis with a small tropical bird and his men.  October 1944.

It has started to rain again, from all indications I think it will be rather difficult sleeping because of the heat.

The tropical birds make all kinds of weird noises. Some of them sound almost cheery. There is one right outside my quarters that makes a sound which sounds like a fellow trying to shift gears without using the clutch. Their plumage is about every color you can think of with all in between colors.

I had a good visit with the chaplain stationed here. Unless we take off too early I will see him again in the morning.

Well Dear, times like these handicap me when it comes to writing an interesting letter, but remember I love you more than ever I have before. It is such a blessed privilege to have a good wife like you. Be sure to give my love to the folks.

I am so grateful to Our Lord because of 

Your precious and purifying Love,

Always your husband,


Ruth 1:16-17

Colossians 3:3

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