October 16, 1944

October 16, 1944

My Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

There wasn’t any planes today so that means there wasn’t any mail for us. We will all be glad when more mail comes in. I’m grateful to have your old letters, for I read them over several times and I do enjoy them each time I read them because I feel again the assurance of your wonderful love which to me is such a refining influence. It is so good to be one in Christ forever. Dear, I shall forever be grateful to Him for the privilege I have of being your husband. Ever since we first met I have known nothing but the deepest joy and blessing because of what you are and always will be to me. When first we met there was a quietness swept over my heart that shall never leave because the quietness speaks of the fact that we are supposed to be each other’s for the ages of the ages. Sweetheart, you are such a good wife and it is all because you want above all else to live according to the will of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is surely a blessed assurance to have each other for prayer partners, and no matter how many thousands of miles we may be apart, we can meet at our Father’s throne. And then we can always broadcast on our special wavelength L-O-V-E.

Dear, most of the activities of this day were involved with things I’ll not be able to tell you about, so you can see how limited I am when it comes to try and write you an interesting letter. This afternoon about 4 o’clock, Captain Wilkinson and I went out for a drive. It was very hot so it was good to get a little breeze as my little jeep sped along. We stopped in one area where there a lot of Gooney (boobey) birds and had quite a time watching them, especially with little ones. The goonies go out into the ocean to catch fish. On the way back, they are generally overtaken by the Man-O-War (Frigate) bird and they steal the fish from them by grabbing their tails and going into a climb. If the Frigate bird jerks them hard enough the gooney bird will lose the fish, and generally before the fish hits the ground the Frigate bird swoops down and grabs the falling fish. The Frigate cannot land on the water, and as a result, he steals his food from other birds. The Frigate is a very large black bird with a white stomach. Some of them have a wingspan of 7 to 8 feet.

Willis Reed with a baby Frigate Bird. October 1944.

After supper, Major Stenson, Captain Stark, Captain Wilkinson and I played horseshoes until dark. We really had a lot of fun. After visiting for a while I came back over to my quarters and sprinkled two pairs of trousers and shirts, one of the officers here has an iron so I’m going to borrow it and press some of my things. When you have to wash out clothes like we do down here, they really look like we had slept in them for days.

By the way, I did do some more reading this evening, I think our devotional material has been very good here lately. I just happened to think that you should have received the first bond that I have started to buy out of my pay each month. They told me when I signed up for it that you should receive it on or about the 15th of each month. Be sure to let me know, Darling. They are taking $18.75 out of my pay each month for a bond now.

Lover, there is very little news so I will close for tonight and do remember I love you more tonight than ever I have before. Be sure to get my love and best wishes to those we love, Dear.

I am just yours forever in the Love of Christ,


Colossians 3:3

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