October 14, 1944

October 14, 1944

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

Another day has slipped by and I am so thankful that it is one less that will have to be apart. Sweetheart, I have thought of you many times today, and as per usual, there are many more things I found in you to love and be thankful for. I have just finished reading your letters over again this evening and they are sweeter than ever. I’m going to answer a few questions you asked and make comments on other things you said in your letters.

From what you told me in your letter of September 30th, you must of had a grand time over at the Reid’s for dinner. I’m glad to know they all enjoyed looking at the shells we have together. I suppose you have some interesting things to talk about. I agree with the statement that Ruth made, “700 new members in the last three years, but where are they?” You said that Dr. Wilson welcomed 30 new ones into the church October 1st. It would be interesting to see how many of them will become active enough in the church and it’s work to be noticed, I mean that in the sense of being members who are regular in attendance as well as good workers.

I take that you now have a regular Sunday school class for which I am thankful, I think it will be much better for you that way, and now you will be able to prepare your lessons ever with the needs of your boys before you. Personally, I think that helps a whole lot in preparing a lesson.

I was truly surprised to hear that Bernice Ptacek had a date with Ralph, knowing Ralph as I do, I cannot see him as being worthy of a girl as fine as Bernice. I’m sure that she will see through him. Let me know more about it if you hear anything in the future.

It was good to hear that you have been asked to become the sponsor of the High School BYF. It shows that the young people like you. I am thankful for the fact because it shows the Lord is able to use you. I can easily understand why they would like to have a person like you for a sponsor.

Newspaper from October 14, 1944.

It was surely a shock to me to hear that Joe Large’s brother has been killed in action. As you say, it will surely be good when this terrible war is over and men will be able to return to those they love. Was Joe’s brother a married man?

You were wondering why the natives wear the leaves around their heads when they give their dances. It just happens to be one of the ways they like to dress when they give one of their dances. They fix up all kinds of things to make their dances different.

This has really been an unusual day but I’ll not be able to tell you about it now. I can tell you this much though, I have added quite a few more hundred miles to my flying. Some of the cloud formations were very beautiful, especially was that true when the sun set over the ocean. I know you would’ve enjoyed it very much. The Chief of Chaplains left this morning.

It was rather late when we returned this evening and as a result I am very tired so I think I will close and try to get enough sleep for tomorrow and the services. Lover, I love you more than ever before. May God richly bless you in all things. Give my love to the folks.

Just yours in the love of 

Jesus Christ, 


Colossians 3:3

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