October 11, 1944

October 11, 1944

Sarah, My Dearest Darling:

Well, it was 10 months ago tonight that I saw you for the last time. When I think about it Dear, it seems like that many years to me. I know that I will be more than happy to see you again. I do hope that when we see each other the next time that we will not have to be separated like this again. I realize that there is a purpose for all of this and each of us are learning many worthwhile things, but is costing us each day with an aching heart. My heart feels very heavy at times when I think of you and and how good it would be to be with you. As I have said before, no place please will ever be home to me unless you are there. I will never forget how hard it was to leave you, I’m sure I left my heart with you, for as I walked down the train shed to my coach my heart felt as though it was in my throat.

Early this morning, a radiogram came in for me about a soldier’s mother who had passed away with a stroke. I had quite a time finding him because he was out working on a detail. But at last I did find him and asked him to come off to the side and told him the news. He was almost overcome with grief, for the last letter he received from home she was well. He said he could never remember when she was sick so it really made him feel very badly. I talked to him for some time and left him. Since being in the Army, I’ve had to carry a lot of messages like that and some of them are not so easy to convey to the men, especially when you are over here and there isn’t a chance to go back home. I always feel for the men, for I know how I would feel if such a thing would happen to me.

Yank Magazine October 1944.

Later on, I went over to see another man about a problem he has, I talked to him for quite some time. His case is one that would break your heart for sure. It always makes me more grateful than ever for you and your wonderful love when I run into such problem cases. Later, another man came to my quarters to see what I could do for him with a problem he has. Darling, when I get back I will have enough things to tell you to keep us talking for a long time. I’ll probably be thinking of different cases for a long time. One of our greatest problems after this war is over is going to be the problem of reconverting socially. Many a man is going to return home and find that his wife has been on untrue, and that in itself will be an overwhelming problem. Something that happened to a soldier’s wife, makes me want to warn you again about ever taking chances of being alone at night. Sweetheart, please be careful, avoid by all means of ever being alone at night. I would like to go into more details, but I’m sure you understand what I mean. Be very careful, for I don’t want anything to happen to you.

This evening I wrote two more letters, one was to Jeanne Wyckoff and the other was to Louise Davis. This afternoon I did some more studying. It was very very hot today. The last three days here on the island have been the hottest I have experienced since being down here. It was hotter today than I ever remember the thermometer ever recording in Chicago.

Sweetheart, it is late and I’m tired so I think I will close for tonight. God bless you in all things and give my love to the folks.

Yours forever in His Wonderful Love,


Colossians 3:3

P.S. Sweetheart, I forgot to tell you that Captain Wilkinson, Captain Stark and I went out after supper looking for shells. I found quite a few and while we were looking for them I saw a large octopus, I picked up a large piece of coral and stunned him. We were able to kill him. By the way, I am enclosing two pictures. I have written on the back of them.

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