October 1, 1943

October 1, 1943

Dearest Sweetheart:-

Well, I received your first letter today and it was surely good to read what you feel because it is also the expression of my own heart.

Today has been a very busy day trying to get acquainted with all the positions where men of my group are located. To be exact, there are eighteen different places. As you can readily see, that is a big job and is going to be rather discouraging because of the many problems involved. One of the problems involved is the matter of Morale because men are confined to their dugouts at all times with the exception of a day’s leave each week. And when they receive it, they go to all the places of attraction around this area.

by Willis: Yours and the jeep “Revelation.” Taken 11/20/43. Not so good too windy and too much dust. Taken beside one of our outlying batteries.

I believe I have a pretty good assistant, who is also my driver of the jeep that has been assigned to me. The name of my jeep is “Revelation,” I’ll probably have to travel a quite a few miles each day. Our hospital is a long ways from here and that will necessitate a couple of calls each week.

There will be five services this Sunday, 9-10-11 and 2 and 4 in the afternoon, besides communion which will make it a full day.

This is as near the real thing as we have in this country. They are so camouflaged that you would never be able to find the positions. Two of the services will be held in the dugouts beside the guns. This only lacks (?) gunfire to make like the real thing up on the front lines.

I’m going to need much help and strength from above. All I can hope and pray is for this, “That the Beauty of Jesus May be Seen in Me.”

If ever a group needed encouragement and help from above this group does. They have been on alert here since last Jan. 20 and haven’t fired a live shell since the night of Easter. Naturally, with this kind of a set up we don’t have a chapel. The other Chaplain, a Catholic by the name of Vincent Campbell, and I have a little building about 12X20  ft which is divided into two rooms for our offices. This is located at the Headquarters of the 507th A.A.A. Group on Long Beach Boulevard.

Well Darling, I had better close for now and do a little studying for Sunday. Remember however that now I love you more than I ever did before. And a joyous thought that fills my heart and mind as I close this letter is this, “I know I’ll be Loving you more tomorrow.”

God Bless and keep you Dear till we meet again.

With All of my love because you are God’s little Girl,


P.S. Wasn’t the Secret Place good today. I liked the scripture I Peter 5:1-4 because it was so appropriate for beginning this new assignment.

Phil 1:3 for the ages of ages

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