November 9, 1945

Seoul, Korea

9 November 1945

My Beloved Darling Sarah:

It is very late but I must take a little time to write you a few lines tonight. This has certainly been a rounder of a day. There has been one interruption after the other. Early this morning there were several things with came up unexpectedly and that took until 11 o’clock, and then I sat down and wrote a letter to Mr. and Mrs. Kraft and enclosed letter which Rody gave me last evening. I do hope they enjoy receiving the letters. Perhaps they will tell you about hearing from me. I wish I could have taken the time to write them a better letter but with so much to do I just didn’t have the time to do so.

  You will be interested to know that they cashed the money order even though it did have stamped on it Postmaster New York. Immediately following dinner I came back here to the post office and started to pack the box of materials which I have for you. By the way, they still had two bolts of 30 yards of rayon left so I bought another one for $8. This one is gray and I’m sure you and Mom will be able to use them for something. That is all they have left. I just about had the box ready when the telephone rang and it was the hospital calling to tell me that two of our men were very seriously injured and that one of the men was calling for me, I got a Jeep right away and left for the hospital and found that it was one of my good faithful men. They were guarding a large enemy ammunition dump, and for some unknown reason, it started to explode (they will be unable to investigate the cause for some time because the dump is still going up, it was large artillery shells and 500-pound bombs).  The one soldier was hit in the arm and hand where the other soldier was filled with all kinds of shell fragments in the back and legs. He is the one which is so serious. He is bleeding internally. My whole afternoon was taken up getting men down to the hospital to have their blood tested for transfusions. In all, I got five different men whose blood would match the fellow’s who was so seriously injured. He has lost so much blood they will not be able to operate until they can build him up a little. I was with him in the operating room while they dressed his wounds. They had removed over 900 cc’s of blood from his right lung cavity when I left this evening. 

  I got back here just in time to get a bit to eat and then go over and take care of our Bible class. There were 13 in attendance this evening and we were able to finish the 12th chapter of John this evening. Things are in a constant state of change but I believe it worthwhile to keep on trying to reach the men. Sometimes I’m so weary after days like this that I can hardly keep going, and still, as I look back it seems I’ve accomplished nothing whatsoever. I had wanted to do several things but they are still to do and with a special meeting at Corps Headquarters in the morning I can see that tomorrow will be pretty well gone without accomplishing much. 

November 9, 1945

The sun didn’t shine at all today and several times it sprinkled very heavily. It has been rather cool, and if it should keep up, it might try to do a little snowing during the night. When it is cloudy like this our chances of mail tomorrow are rather poor because the plains probably didn’t get through today. I’m so thankful that I have your other letters to read while waiting for your new ones to arrive. I love you so much Darling, thank you for being such a good wife.

  Even though it is late I want to make a few comments on your older letters so I won’t get too far behind in my letter writing. In your letter of October 15th you were surprised to find it in one of my letters I used some of our own special love talk. Don’t you ever worry, it would take more than what I have gone through to make me forget that which is precious to just your heart and mine. Remember, I wuve you more dan ever forever and ever (and I said it wast), you are tow tweet. It will be so good when I can hold you in my arms and talk that way again. My arms have felt so all gone now for over two years. You are the only one who will ever adequately fill that hunger and loneliness which now my arms feel in this time of our separation. I hope it won’t be too much longer before we will be able to talk together, plan and pray as we used to do.

  I’m glad you had such a lovely visit with Mrs. Hamm, I’m sure you were able to help her. That is why I gave her your address and telephone number. Perhaps when I get back we will be able to go out and see her, I certainly hope so anyhow. From all the things you told me, I do believe she must be a very fine Christian woman. I do hope that you will be able to meet her and I’m glad you told her you couldn’t come out there at night. For with things the way they are now I don’t want you to be out alone at night unless it is humanly impossible.

  You mentioned in the letter of October 15th about a Christmas letter, I’ve already sent it through to you and I hope you received it all right. I’ll prepare a list of names and addresses and send them to you as soon as possible of friends I would like to include on our list which we send to this Christmas. Dear, I hope that letter is all right which I wrote, if you feel that some things should be changed feel free to do so.

  Well, I’m glad to know that Bob is finally working. He ought to make good if he will just keep his mind on his work and settle down. I shall remember both of them in prayer, praying that they will seek above all else God’s will for their lives.

  Darling, the lights just went out for some reason or other and all I have is a dim flashlight so I will have to close for tonight. God bless you Beloved in and all things.

 Yours alone and forever,

Darling because of Christ’s Love,

“ Willie”

 Colossians 3:3

 P.S. Enclosed find a very good picture of Don (my assistant). I’m hoping to be able to get this man to take a picture for me but he hasn’t been back yet. 

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