November 9, 1944

November 9, 1944

 Sarah, My Dear:

Another day and no mail. I’ll be so glad to have some more of your mail. It is always so good to know what you are doing from day to day. I can see from your letters that you are really busy. I’m glad you like school so well. It will mean much to us in years to come to have the fine training you are getting now.

This has been another routine day. Rayond and I visited various areas to see what we can do for the men. Later, Captain Wilkinson, Raymond and I went down to the native village to see about a problem down there. While there, we visited with Timete for a while. I had a little time before dinner so I did some more reading.

After dinner I lay down for about a half an hour. And then I got up and did some more studying for the service I had at the farm this evening. I used the same message I had last Sunday except I studied and try to improve it. We had communion for the men this evening also. There were nine in attendance and things went along quite well. We sang the following songs, “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”, “Praise Him! Praise Him”, and “Work for the Night is Coming”. By the way, I preached three times from the ninth chapter of John Sunday and again tonight. I assure you it has been a great blessing to me. After starting it again today I found several things I hadn’t noticed before. His word grows sweeter with each reading, doesn’t it my Dear?

Willis Reed leading a memorial Service on the beach.

I helped the men milk this evening as soon as we finished our supper. I milked four of the cows. With five of us milking it didn’t take near as long to milk. We visited until after 7 o’clock and we started the service. As soon as the service was over, Raymond and I came back here to my quarters and washed and cleaned my communion equipment. In the meantime, Captain Wilkinson called me and wanted me to come over to his quarters for a little while. He wanted to tell me something. His foot locker and bed roll arrived today, so he showed me the pictures he has of his wife and their baby daughter Mary Ellen, she was seven months old on the seventh. We are more lonesome for our wives than you’ll ever know. I didn’t stay very long because I am so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open. For some reason or other I have been quite tired the last few days. I think it is because of the heat. It was really hot today.

This afternoon I washed some of my clothes and socks. As you know, that is a continual job, but it was a little larger than usual because I haven’t washed anything for five or six days. I just heard a radio announcer say that it was snowing in Europe today. That seems so strange when it is so hot down here. I get sick and tired of hearing the war news. One day they inch ahead, then they tear loose with the greatest barrage of the war etc., etc. As Captain Wilkinson and I were saying, if you keep on listening to it, it will get on your nerves.

By the way, have you received my bond for the month of September as yet? My heart aches when I see all the waste and know at the same time there are people who are starving to death. This war is not solving all of our problems, it is merely increasing our problems and presenting many new and unheard of problems. The great victory of all time was one for us on Calvary and it is the one that can and will solve the problems of the world if men will accept the Word of God.

Well Darling, it is so late and I am tired so I will close for tonight. God bless you in all things and may the beauty of the Lord Jesus Christ shine in and through you to others.

Always and forever yours my

Dear in the Love of Christ,


Colossians 3:3

P.S. Enclosed are four pictures of memorial service.

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